NDP Props Up Liberals Again, Blocks Investigation Of WE Charity Scandal

At this point, the NDP isn’t even pretending to be an opposition party.

There is further evidence that the NDP is no longer an opposition party, and is now merely a weaker extension of the Trudeau Liberals.

The NDP voted with the Liberals against a Conservative push for a study into the WE Charity Scandal and how it connects to the Liberal proroguing Parliament.

Remember, by shutting down Parliament, the Liberals shut down all the investigative committees looking into it.

Further, when Parliament came back, the Liberals shut down debate on relief measures, saying Canadians ‘couldn’t wait,’ after having made Canadians wait for over a month by shutting Parliament down.

So, an investigation into how the shutting down of Parliament relates to the WE Charity Scandal is highly relevant.

Of course, that’s only from the perspective of those who are really interested in Canada having a real opposition.

And clearly, the NDP is not interested in that.

Instead, the NDP is simply an offshoot of the Liberals, too weak to go to an election, and led by the incompetent Jagmeet Singh, whose weakness props up the Liberals and gives Trudeau a blank cheque.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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I am thinking that the RMCP and Military’s lieberal appointed leadership really needs investigating as they are doing zilch against all the criminals in all of our political class and our phony elections. After all the criminal activity in the CRA is surprisingly slowly being exposed now, our bought out media never says who is doing that investigating, Elections Canada needs investigating and several other departments do too. Layer after layer of deceit and deception hitting us all in the face, and most Canadians do not care or support this? so it does not even surprise us how corrupt the… Read more »

Karen Wilson

Well said Nancy…..and Trudeau is destroying it everyday he is in office….so sad to
watch…..and sadder still that lots of Canadians just can’t see what’s happening or
they just don’t care….

Don MacDonald

Couldn’t say it better. Our Prime Minister can break the law and the RCMP don’t investigate. Are they also in the Prime Ministers pocket

Gary Pawson

HE pay’s ’em, & they only do what they are told to.

Sean Short

Reading this forced me to write my local NDP MP candidate. I csn no longer consider voting NDP. I don’t know who I will vote for; but anyone siding with Trudeau is complicit in his corruption. NO MORE LIBERALS.

very old white guy

You been voting NDP then you have been a problem every time you vote.


As the popular saying goes, get woke, go broke. The NDP are spineless

Diane Major

I expect all Parties to focus on dealing with the Covid crisis and the economy. Tired of Conservatives ‘gotcha’ politics. The Ethics Commisioner will report on WE.


Draining the swamp is not only a problem south of the border!


Absolutely pathetic and disgusting!! What are you doing Jagmeet?! Now those of us that think for ourselves and are intelligent must wonder what your true agenda is!

very old white guy

It has been said the we deserve what we voted for, I don’t think Canada or Canadians, no matter how foolish they are or have been, deserve this level of corruption. People wake up for God’s sake you are destroying your country and yourselves. I did not vote for or sign up for this level of insanity.


Justin is an Idiot . . .
but Singh and the NDP are Dangerous to the well-being of Canada.

Don’t wait for the FakeStream Media to comment . . . they won’t!
Canada’s best days are behind us now . . . the majority of Cdn Voters are just too friggin stupid to survive !

NDP is the party of Karl Marx . . .

Gerri Page

The NDP has betrayed their people for the almighty dollar which will continue to increase to over a trillion dollars. He needs to be voted out permanently and fade away.

Thomas Tass

Mr. Singh will cross the floor.

Gary Pawson

Sir, You expected different? The leader of THIS political ‘gang’, had to wait & be parachuted into a province thousands of miles away because of the demographic make-up of the riding, NOT because all of a sudden he decided to move to BC! He did have a chance before in his own area of Ont., didn’t he? You should have to live in a riding for 3 yrs before representing it. NDP, No Damn Principles! There is so very little to chose between the two ‘gangs’. If the leader of the NDP wants to back up a liar, an unethical… Read more »

Gary Pawson

With this type, & quality of NDP leadership,(really, anybody who would ‘back’ a proven unethical, immoral PM & his ignorant ‘gang’, well, they must be cut from the same unethical immoral cloth.) I wonder if the NDP also have some involvement, some, connection to with or through WE they wish to you know, “keep under the table”? Either that, or they just been bought, & rather cheaply, @ that!

R.E. Perfman

NDP are no more they are now the Liberal Apprentice Party