NDP Props Up Liberals Again, Blocks Investigation Of WE Charity Scandal

At this point, the NDP isn’t even pretending to be an opposition party.

There is further evidence that the NDP is no longer an opposition party, and is now merely a weaker extension of the Trudeau Liberals.

The NDP voted with the Liberals against a Conservative push for a study into the WE Charity Scandal and how it connects to the Liberal proroguing Parliament.

Remember, by shutting down Parliament, the Liberals shut down all the investigative committees looking into it.

Further, when Parliament came back, the Liberals shut down debate on relief measures, saying Canadians ‘couldn’t wait,’ after having made Canadians wait for over a month by shutting Parliament down.

So, an investigation into how the shutting down of Parliament relates to the WE Charity Scandal is highly relevant.

Of course, that’s only from the perspective of those who are really interested in Canada having a real opposition.

And clearly, the NDP is not interested in that.

Instead, the NDP is simply an offshoot of the Liberals, too weak to go to an election, and led by the incompetent Jagmeet Singh, whose weakness props up the Liberals and gives Trudeau a blank cheque.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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