Poilievre Rips NDP Bowing Down “Before Your Corrupt Liberal Masters”

“Charlie Angus likes to talk tough. But it’s all an act,” says Poilievre.

Conservative Finance Critic Pierre Poilievre is ripping the NDP for continuing to prop up and defend the Trudeau Liberals.

Poilievre took aim at Charlie Angus, who has made a big show of trying to fight Liberal corruption, yet keeps voting along with his other NDP MPs to keep the Liberals in power:

“Charlie Angus loves to talk tough. But it’s all an act.

He and the NDP back down and cover up for their Liberal masters, by shutting down the WE investigation.”

Poilievre also ripped NDP MP Alistair MacGregor:

“You got played. You betrayed those who voted for you, all to bow before your corrupt Liberal masters.”

Poilievre is correct.

Angus, MacGregor, and the NDP can’t have any credibility if they keep complaining about the Liberals, while voting to keep the Liberals in power.

The NDP is literally the only lifeline the Liberals have, as the Conservatives, Bloc, and Greens have said they will oppose the throne speech.

Now, if the NDP had expressed a willingness to oppose it, the Liberals would have had to work with the other parties and address real concerns.

Instead, the Liberals know they have a blank cheque.

Worst of all, Angus is better than Jagmeet Singh, who has been such a weak leader that the NDP is unable to fight an election, and thus has been reduced to doing the bidding of the Trudeau Liberals.

At this point, Canada has a Liberal-NDP coalition moving the country further and further to the left, something neither party had the honesty to openly campaign on.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Lynne Mayotte

Sooooo damn sick of corruption everywhere. Don’t and can’t trust anyone. The time has come for we the people, who have intelligence and decency, to rise and fight this corrupt system — all parties have failed because power and finances have intruded in any judgment they may have had. Shame on the bunch of you. Let’s go Canadians, it’s up to us.


I’d like to know how to go about this other than the Rallys many of us attend. Rocco Galati has filed several law suits. He accepts donations as these are very costly.
Watch. Ted Kuntz & Rocco Galati | Press Conference July 2020 – YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LIs-DNziYHU


Seeing as all parties have failed, the only way is insurrection, or vote for the PPC and see how Bernier handles things.