SURVEY: Negative Views Of China Reach Record High In Canada

Pew Research survey shows negative sentiment towards Communist China has surged around the world.

A new Pew Research survey shows record high negative sentiment towards China around the world, including here in Canada.

Amid the CCP Virus Crisis and China’s rising aggression and threats towards more and more countries, there is a massive backlash.

In Canada, a full 73% have a negative view of China, with just 23% (who are those people?) holding a positive view.

Those numbers are similar to many other nations surveyed, including Japan (86% negative), France (70% negative), the US (73% negative), South Korea (75% negative), the UK (74% negative), and Australia (81% negative).

In fact, in all countries surveyed, a majority had a negative view of China, with the most positive views found in Italy, where 63% still have a negative view compared to 38% who have a positive view.

Additionally, huge majorities in all countries surveyed say they have “no confidence” in Xi Jinping to “do the right thing regarding world affairs.”

Opinions of China in Canada have been falling for some time, particularly since China took Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor hostage.

This is all happening as the corrupt elites have tried to make Canadians – and people around the world – bend over for China and ignore our real beliefs. Clearly, people are seeing past the lies and realizing that we cannot give in the ruthless CCP.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Somebody should tell Justeena that.


It would appear that 2.3 in 10 surveyed are communist sympathizers. A military coup or early election might save Canada from destruction. Our military is weak and the left is working hard with the globalist cartel to subvert a fair election so I think we’re fooked.


So since the CCP is controlling the UN and its groups, why do we keep electing people who wish to stay in the UN? Oh right the Canadian Political Parties ALL now support being in the Chinese UN and will continue with the destruction of what was our country. President Trump even says if the UN is not reset, to again follow its original mandate the USA will step out of it, and China, Russia, Iran, Cuba etc. laughed at them as they have control to even veto the USA, but the USA Democrats are all invested in China too.… Read more »


China knows that, as long as we keep buying their crap. our opinions are nothing but hot air. They don’t care.