WATCH: Poilievre Destroys Trudeau In Question Period

“Would the financial genius over there who invested $200 million of our tax dollars in this failing casino firm please stand up.”

Justin Trudeau got demolished in Question Period by Conservative Finance Critic Pierre Poilievre.

Poilievre ripped the Trudeau government for giving a whopping $200 million of our taxpayer dollars to a casino company that has been downgraded to junk investment status.

That parent company of that casino lost 95% of it’s investment value, and was then delisted completely.

After laying out the issue, Poilievre destroyed Trudeau, asking “Would the financial genius over there who invested $200 million of our tax dollars in this failing casino firm please stand up.”

Of course, since the question was directed at Trudeau, that meant Trudeau had to stand up and answer.

As you can see in the videos below, even Trudeau realized he was owned, smirking as he stood up:

“Bahaha @PierrePoilievre just destroyed Trudeau in the HOC. Look at Trudeau’s face as he stands up.”

“Gambling on a casino bailout.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Brian Dougan

The opposition party is “playing games”?? Another word salad from the “financial genius.” Who authorized that amount of cash? What does the “government” have to do with a failing casino? How did they spend the money? We’ll never know. We do know that Trudope yapped about Thanksgiving…Christmas…loved ones…”helping” Canadians…blah blah. A useless non-answer. We’re stuck with this vile feminist–With the help of his newest bff Singh. I’d say this has the appearance of yet another scandal. Or not.


Trudeau loves Chinese illegal Casinos with active bedrooms upstairs too, busted right here in crime city Toronto, and the owners and friends have paid into his trust fund and to the lieberals galas I wonder when our Pierre will hear about this one:

David Anderson

I’m sure that money was ‘lost’ straight into somebody’s pocket.

#SystemicLiberalCorruption is systemic.

Darlene Smith

Will Canadians ever hold this hypocrite accountable for his atrocities to Canadians.?


It beggars belief how elected members of the Liberal Party can hear this skewering of their leader and continue to support this incompetent excuse of a PM! Are they all morally and intellectually bankrupt?

Ron Shaw

There’s funny , then there’s hilarious , Pierre makes it look to easy to humiliate the financial genius that Trudeau thinks he and his band of mismanagement morons are . Keep it up Pierre , so entertaining I nearly choked on my breakfast laughing , sheesh what other government , leader , country or political party would invest taxpayers monies in such an ignorant idea ? Oh ya Canada’s liberal party and the boy who just was not ready to lead a country , that’s who , yup Mr. potato head himself , Justin Trudeau . Canadians truly voted in… Read more »

Allan Wood

Bravo Mr. Poilievre! Trudeau couldn’t even answer the question. Instead he rambled off some gibbersh, totally irrelevant to the question.
Poilievre that should be leading the Conservative Party and this country. He seems to be the only one holding Trudeau and his liberal minion’s”feet to the fire.”

laird duncan

absolutely !!


I wonder if this casino will now invest in the Trudeau Foundation.

Van Wyck

Pierre Poilievre is a gem. Smart, confident, and a lot of common sense. THAT should be Canada’s future, not unserious Liberals who only care about Quebec and other unserious Liberals.
Thanks Pierre. I’m tempted to move back to Ottawa so I can vote for you. Again.