The Elites Want Us Scared, Desperate, And Unhealthy

Their only solution to the CCP Coronavirus Crisis is continued lockdowns. Despite having half a year to prepare and adapt, they’ve learned nothing.

The political elites have had half a year to adapt to the CCP Virus Crisis.

This isn’t the beginning, when it was new and confusing.

The data is all in now.

We know about social distancing, and masks, and washing our hands.

So why do they keep pushing lockdowns as the only solution?

Why have they apparently learned nothing?

With a ‘second wave’ approaching, all the elites offer is more restrictions and lockdowns, and more destruction of our local businesses.

Keep in mind, we are supposed to be a free country.

And that means that once we have been provided with the information I mentioned above, we are supposed to be free to make our own choices going forward.

Imposing more and more restrictions and lockdowns is now going way too far.

Think of what they could be doing instead:

They could be shipping out Vitamin D to everyone to boost our immune systems.

They could provide incentives for indoor gyms to be open, or give them financial support to convert to temporary outdoor gyms.

They could be launching public awareness campaigns against obesity.

They could giving each Canadian a voucher that can be used for the purchase of exercise equipment.

They’ve done none of this.

They’ve done nothing proactive whatsoever.

All they offer is more control, more restrictions, more economic damage, and worsening mental health.

At this point, it is now obvious that the elites want us scared, desperate, and unhealthy, because they know that a confident, secure, and strong population would be far more difficult to control.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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