WATCH: The Video The Liberals Don’t Want You To See

They even ripped it out of the Parliamentary records.

With the Liberals violating the rules and illegally shutting down a committee meeting to block investigations into Justin Trudeau’s WE Scandal, the effort to silence information is getting even worse.

In a highly disturbing move, the government ripped the video out of the Parliamentary archives, acting as if it didn’t even happen:

“UPDATE: The WE scandal meeting at Finance Committee that 11 MPs attended last night NEVER HAPPENED.

Look at the Parliamentary telescreen, where video of the meeting just vanished. Repeat in unison: “It is no more and never was.””

Thankfully, parts of the video have been recovered, thwarting corrupt Liberal attempts to hide this information.

Here’s part of the video the Liberals don’t want you to see:

“Recovered video of censored Parliamentary committee meeting shows @PierrePoilievre
referencing George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, minutes before the Liberal chair forced a suspension, and hours before the video was removed from Parliament’s website. #cdnpoli”

Now that they know Jagmeet Singh and the weak NDP will do their bidding no matter what, the Liberals are clearly more emboldened than ever, doubling down on corruption, silencing investigations, and preventing the Canadian People from having access to the truth.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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