Why Do ‘Environmentalists’ Support Increasing Immigration Levels?

It’s a completely illogical position.

People who cared about the environment used to be called ‘conservationists.’

The top advocates of the environment were those who lived closest to it, including rural Canadians, farmers, and hunters.

They lived out in nature, had a strong connection to it, and wanted to protect it.

Support for conservation was widespread across the political spectrum.

It wasn’t divisive.

It wasn’t political.

It wasn’t about destroying our economy.

Conservation led to many good ideas, including ensuring that large sections of the natural beauty of our country were protected and made available to future generations.

Yet, we don’t hear much about ‘conservation’ anymore.

Instead, we hear about ‘environmentalists,’ often funded by foreign countries, using foreign messages, and pushing for the complete reshaping of our society.

As I’ve noted before, the ‘environmentalists’ seem far more interested in control over our lives than they do with actually protecting the environment.

And that can be seen in how environmentalists – particularly in the Western world – promote large immigration increases.

The key cause of increased emissions is increased population.

That can be seen in the two countries with the largest emissions, China and India.

They have the largest populations, and thus the largest emissions.

Notably, countries like Japan and Germany – where population growth is either negative or very low – have stabilized or even reduced their emissions, even when their economies have grown.

Further, in the United States, emissions are declining, due to both technological innovation, and lower population growth levels over time.

It is simply an objective fact that the best way to reduce emissions in a country is for that country to keep population growth low.

So why don’t environmentalists support that?

Why don’t they advocate for lower immigration?

Why do they support Canada’s record immigration level increases?

Consider the fact that the Liberal government is pushing for more and more immigration, while imposing more and more taxes on Citizens in order to ‘save the environment.’

They are literally bringing in more and more people to raise emissions, than punishing people for those emissions going up by imposing taxes and increasing the cost of living.

Of course, that doesn’t work to help the environment, but it sure ‘works’ to give the government more control over our lives.

This is why we must push back against ‘environmentalists’ and reembrace conservationism.

We all have a connection to the earth, and we all want to pass on a healthy planet for future generations. But to do that, we must continue innovating, we must continue providing prosperity, and we must be realistic. And being realistic means recognizing that mass immigration and environmental protection simply don’t go together.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Marian Joudoin

Why Do ‘Environmentalists’ Support Increasing Immigration Levels? The reason is because they are funded by the Elites and they push both issues it’s on the agenda. Use of the same people maybe cheaper one fits all.


This needs to be said over and over and over again. Words have their meaning changed to mean something to suite whatever the left is pushing to fool many people who cannot think for themselves.


I’ve been saying this for years. You can add housing, doctor, etc. shortages to it as well. When you pack in as many people as Trudeau wants and does, you’ll never have lower emissions or enough housing, doctors etc. It’s simple logic and common sense, but that seems to be in extremely short supply these days. In fact I would say there is no logic and common sense anymore. Especially in the lower mainland of B.C.


I also forgot to add the Conservatives are guilty of massive immigration as well. The only party I know of who isn’t is Bernier’s party with the unfortunate name, The People’s Party of Canada, which to me, sounds Communist.


I agree with you Gloria,People’s Party should change its name.It does sound Communist.Maybe be National Party would be better name for ti..

Brian Dougan

Same thought here. Poor choice of names. “People’s Republic of China.” “People’s Party of Canada.” However; by any other name–there just aren’t enough common sense people to vote Max’s party into power. Very sad. A poor reflection on this country. Maybe if the electoral system were more representative of the voter’s wishes….But; that’s just a dream.

Arie Intveld

It is Goldy Hyder’s Century Initiative and it showcases the flawed logic of Socialism. First, environmentalism is the Trojan horse being used to usher in the Socialist State. Citizens are conditioned to view climate and environment “protection” as altruistic, virtuous justifications for wealth redistribution (carbon tax, fuel standard tax, etc.). The State may have “put a price on pollution” but, in doing so, they have also jacked-up the price of simply staying alive. And all of it is lucrative revenue generator for the State and its patrons. Then, despite taxing every dollar out of every Canadian, the State knows it… Read more »


These immigrants are coming mainly from near-zero per-capita carbon output countries to one of the highest in the world. Every immigrant who lands here has many, many times more carbon output than they did at home. Really enviro-conscious immigration policy, eh?