If Trudeau Was Really ‘Focused On Canadians,’ He Wouldn’t Have Shut Down Parliament

The Liberals put their selfish political interests above the good of Canadians, and now claim to be doing the opposite.

The Trudeau Liberals have become obsessed with using the political tactic of “accusing your opponents of what you yourself are doing.”

So, it wasn’t a big surprise to see Trudeau attacking the Conservatives for wanting investigations into Liberal corruption, and it wasn’t a big surprise to see Trudeau claim that he was “focused on Canadians” while the Conservatives ‘focus on WE Charity.’

Of course, you know that Trudeau is lying.

Trudeau went so far as to shut down Parliament earlier this year, in an effort to stop the investigations and hope attention would shift elsewhere.

He did so in the middle of a health and economic crisis, delaying measures to mitigate that crisis.

Then, when Parliament returned from being shut by Trudeau, the Liberals silenced debate, claiming that help for Canadians ‘couldn’t wait.’

If Trudeau actually wanted to help people quickly, and if he was actually ‘focused on Canadians,’ he wouldn’t have shut down Parliament.

He would have kept it open to do their work.

Instead, he and the Liberals put their selfish interests ahead of the needs of the Canadian People, once again showing that for the Liberals it’s all about power, and never about people.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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He and the Liberals? Remember the NDP. I wonder what their piece of silver was worth? There is a common name for those that sell themselves. Would include all NDP MP’s? They all can’t possibly have such low standards as the NDP leader.


Dictators only focus on who they want to silence. First they silience their elected reperesentatives under punitive non-disclosure contracts. so as to own them. Next they get the elected represntatives to pass laws silencing the voters.


Remember “Just not Ready” . . . . The inept lyin & corrupt Justin Trudope will Never be Ready . . . unfortunately way too many dopy Canooks vote for the Hair or the Free Stuff . . .
The NDP . . . the party of Marx are just as dangerous . . .
Meanwhile the Conservatives are still looking for their “Balls” . . . with another weak ineffective leader approved by the Elites ! ! !