Despite Being In Power For 5 Years, Trudeau Just Blamed Harper For Canada’s Pandemic Failures


Justin Trudeau’s pathetic lack of leadership has reared its ugly head once again.

Following criticisms from some doctors about Canada being unprepared to fight the CCP Virus pandemic, Trudeau tried to blame Stephen Harper:

“We all knew that under the previous Conservative government there were massive cuts to science, there was marginalization of scientific voices, there was a putting-aside of experts in an attempt to cut the budget, cut the deficit at all costs, on the backs of Canadians.”

Trudeau than tried to contrast himself with Harper, saying “We made historic investments in science, we’ve worked to restore many of the cuts made to our institutions over 10 long years. We will continue to work with our scientists and our experts every step of the way.”

This is absolute garbage.

Trudeau has been in power for five years.

He had a majority for four years.

If he thought there were problems with science and health funding, he’s had time to fix it.

If he failed to fix it, then it’s on him.

Also, who was in power in 2019 when the Liberals crippled Canada’s pandemic preparedness system?

Was it Stephen Harper?


Was it Justin Trudeau?


Trudeau is the one who failed, and he and his pathetic cronies are the same fools who said ‘stigma’ was the biggest threat and called people racist for wanting border shutdowns early on.

Trudeau’s pathetic incompetence is matched only by his weakness and inability to take responsibility, and his attempt to blame Harper for all of this is sickening and disgraceful.

Spencer Fernando


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Sure, blame Harper. Try to become a man. If you cannot, then resign and let someone else take care of our country.


The Majority of Canadians would take Harper for PM over Corrupt, Lying Trudeau any Day! We could Only Wish! This would be a Dream Come True for the Majority of Canadians!


what a bloody dead beat go home and resign and hold a election so we can vote you bastards out !!


It’s funny, not haha funny, rather oddly coincidental that the timing of The Turd shutting down Canada’s pandemic preparedness system in 2019 & them lo and behold a pandemic in 2020??? Come on! There are too many coincidences… “In May, 2019, less than seven months before COVID-19 would begin wreaking havoc on the world, Canada’s pandemic alert system effectively went dark”(Globe and Mail – Jul 25, 2020) , then Event 201 on October 18, 2019, then wait, what…a pandemic in late December 2019… “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”… Read more »


Too many sar-cov2 coincidences. Check out Reiner Fuellmich from Germany. We all need a good class action lawsuit against all of them.

John Cox

Just goes to show pathetic and incompetent this child was and is to hold such a position of leadership.


The WHO is backpedaling on Lockdowns – but there is a reason different from what Trudeau’s owned media media is not covering over here.
Germany is investigating the “Lockdowns/COVID19” as the greatest Fraud in the history of Mankind.
Following the Napoleonic code of Law investigation would already have the evidence they are just moving in on the WHO for the kill.
Question: Has the Conservative party of Canada been aiding an abetting the Leftists in a Fraud?


Yes they have. They all have. Klaus Schwab is the biggest conman on the planet. This is all about money. The Great Reset. These so called “elites” have broke the world economy. Check out the World Economic Forum. All in plain sight. Trudeau is following orders, just like a good little lackey. Do you still wear a mask? I won’t

Rose Fox

No surprise there – Trudeau’s just doing what liberals always do – DEFLECT and BLAME OTHERS for their many failures.


This country is being led by a five year old, not an adult. He is absolutely sickening. I can’t stand hearing his voice or seeing him on TV. I run to turn it off.


And Quebec and eastern Canada Cheer.


Classic narcissistic sociopath. Never accepting responsibility and always blaming others. Look it up.


He is pathetic Spencer. He is so jealous of Harpers success. A success that trudeau will never attain. He has failed at everything in life. He has shown himself to be a corrupt, stealing, hypocritical, egotistical, narcissistic, sociopathic individual who can never own up to his failings & has to always blame someone else.


Justin Trudeau is a clear and present “Threat to Our National Security”, this is not propaganda!!! This is the truth!!! He lies on a daily basis, he is morally and ethical Corrupt. He is in Gross Negligence of protecting Canadians from a “Manmade VIRUS” sent out by Communist China to infect the elderly and people with a weak immune system. Thus removing old stock Canadians from the equation at any cost. Population Control of the World, seems like controlling the masses is this Lunatic Elite Puppet goal of the UN Agenda !!!!

Douglas Robilliard

One word Slim!


Well…thats what a narcissist does. Blames everyone for his problems and refuses to take any accountability for his actions or non-actions. Trudeau is a child and Ontarions should be ashamed for voting in such a useless child to run this ONCE great nation. If ONLY we could get Harper back…


Where was justin Trudeau when he shutdown pandemic preparedness? why, he went on vacation to C. RICA, then later to africa buying their votes for UN seat, r’mbr the protest? He was there, I can go on and on


Trudope and Science have NEVER MET ! ! ! This is the abject dummy that went to University TWICE . . . and got a Teacher Certificate . . . Harper was by all metrics the Best Cdn PM in the last 50 years . . . that includes the period overseen by Justin’s marxist Father, who many believe started the decline of Canada in the 70s. Today as Canada wallows under pressure from the ChiCommies who have infiltrated much of the workings of Canada, including the PMs office . . . time to wake up folks or it’s all… Read more »

Garlet Farlett

You write “his attempt to blame Harper for all of this is sickening and disgraceful.”

Yes. Surprising?? No.

Holly Stasiuk

Fourth paragraph, spelling error…
“than” should be “then”….


Wow, that’s it? Thats all you got, a spelling error?


Ha !
And Trudeau said , and I quote “the budget will balance itself” !

Hows that working out ?
If we Canadians cant get our shit together, and elect better people than this dumb-tard, we deserve to see our once great Country get run into the ground.

Mark Gallicano

My brother who has a PHD in Chemistry was working in a Government lab at Ottawa for an HIV cure or vaccine was shut down by Chretien in the mid 1990’s .He moved to the states eventually for work in his field .


To think we will have to endure 3 more years of this corrupt moron.

Rick Guyatt

You are right on again Spencer. The wimp PM is a useless sob. What gets me is the number of people who stupidly waste their vote on this pathetic excuse for a human being.


He’s a spineless wonder who spends his time navel gazing & gaslighting the country. Rocco Galati all the way!