Despite Being In Power For 5 Years, Trudeau Just Blamed Harper For Canada’s Pandemic Failures


Justin Trudeau’s pathetic lack of leadership has reared its ugly head once again.

Following criticisms from some doctors about Canada being unprepared to fight the CCP Virus pandemic, Trudeau tried to blame Stephen Harper:

“We all knew that under the previous Conservative government there were massive cuts to science, there was marginalization of scientific voices, there was a putting-aside of experts in an attempt to cut the budget, cut the deficit at all costs, on the backs of Canadians.”

Trudeau than tried to contrast himself with Harper, saying “We made historic investments in science, we’ve worked to restore many of the cuts made to our institutions over 10 long years. We will continue to work with our scientists and our experts every step of the way.”

This is absolute garbage.

Trudeau has been in power for five years.

He had a majority for four years.

If he thought there were problems with science and health funding, he’s had time to fix it.

If he failed to fix it, then it’s on him.

Also, who was in power in 2019 when the Liberals crippled Canada’s pandemic preparedness system?

Was it Stephen Harper?


Was it Justin Trudeau?


Trudeau is the one who failed, and he and his pathetic cronies are the same fools who said ‘stigma’ was the biggest threat and called people racist for wanting border shutdowns early on.

Trudeau’s pathetic incompetence is matched only by his weakness and inability to take responsibility, and his attempt to blame Harper for all of this is sickening and disgraceful.

Spencer Fernando


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