After Threats, Canada Must Order China’s Ambassador To Leave Our Country

Enough is enough.

As reported earlier, China’s ambassador to Canada Cong Peiwu is issuing threats against Canadians:

“Cong Peiwu, China’s ambassador to Canada, said that the decision to grant refugee status to Hong Kong democracy activists could ‘jeopardize’ the “health and safety” of the 300,000 Canadian Citizens living in Hong Kong.

Here is the full quote:

“If the Canadian side really cares about the stability and the prosperity in Hong Kong, and really cares about the good health and safety of those 300,000 Canadian passport holders in Hong Kong and the large number of Canadian companies operating in Hong Kong . . . you should support those efforts to fight violent crimes.”

Peiwu was asked if this was a threat.

His response was, “that is your interpretation.”

Clearly, there must be a strong response to this.

And the first thing the Canadian government must do is to order Cong Peiwu to leave the country.

Canada must make it clear that we will not allow an ambassador to be in this country and threaten our Citizens. Anyone who does so must be ordered to leave.

Obviously, China would retaliate against such a move, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is showing strength and resolve, and booting out Peiwu is what must be done.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Major Tom

Trudeau will probably buy him lunch……..

Mark Gallicano

how about nationalizing chinese assets in canada .there’s getting to a lot of them .


If these 300,000 Canadians are still in Hong Kong they better have already left Hong Kong, but then they should already know their lives are in danger and prefer this communist life style instead of being and supporting their own country? Yes we need to ask this ambassador to leave Canada along with all other CCP supporters and traitors to Canada. Now that China, with all its infractions against humanity has been voted in “their” UN as Human Rights also. When are we stepping out of their CCP run UN, why are we members and paying them for things like… Read more »


and Saudi Arabia. Side note both these countries do not have a carbon tax either. The UN is the most corrupt organization. Trudeau is their puppet. Once Canada is completely taken over by foreign interests our resources will be exploited with slave labour. The writing is on the wall.

John Rhodes

I would love to tell this Buffoon just exactly what he can do with his pathetic police state.

Gerri Page

Why would he when he is a Communist lover help bent on breaking up Canada by creating debts for families and increases in taxes knowing many people aren’t working, have little money and will end up being subservient to the Dictator.


I thought the following link might help explain Trudeau’s inaction on so much, it certainly explains his out of control spending and possible resons behind it, as well as his supprt of the Chinese dictatorship.
I couldn’t send this on Twitter as the URL link I was trying to post was blocked by Twitter (Twitter blocking it adds more credence)
Here it is;


Check out Randy Hillier – an MPP from Ontario. He asked questions about the “isolation camps” & was left with a vague response from Paul Calandra, PC, speaking on behalf of Ford. Trudeau really admires China. He wants the same thing here. Laura Tyler Thompson is another who’s mentioned some disturbing items from the powers that shouldn’t be. China is in a rough spot right now. Not enough food. Three Gorges dam is shaky. We’re a chicken to be plucked & the PM will hand us over for the stewing pot. I say no way. Unmasked, unvaccinated & unafraid


Out of idle curiosity, how many of those 300,000 “Canadian passport holders” were born in Canada and/or are not Chinese by ancestry?


Fat chance of that ever happening with our esteemed PM turdeau.


You can always trust a Communist to be a friggin Communist . . . these clowns are Enemies of Freedom & Democracy . . . and for my dopy Canadian friends the Trudeau family is right on board with these marxists. Have been since father Trudeau rode his motorcycle during WW Ii in Montreal with his Commie Party of Canada in his pocket.

Jim Montag

JT does not have the courage to stand up to China for Canadians.


He won’t stand up. He’ll gleefully hand us over as he admires the Chinese Communist Party’s control over its’ citizens. Read D. MacKay’s comment. It is time to say no more crap & call this corrupt government to account


You may find this politically incorrect, but I’m sure a majority of the 300,000 Canadians are Canadians of convenience. They have some place to run to when it really get bad over there.

Arie Intveld

As was reported in Hong Kong many months ago, and I quote … “China is asshoe!”

jake zacharias

our chickens in ottowa are in bed with ccp so nothing will come of this threat.

Rick Guyatt

You just scored another hat trick Spencer….keep it up please and thank you!!

james isnor

Just imagine the swift consequences if the Canadian Ambassador to China dared to issue a similar statement to the CCP. They understand strength in Government. Something they know this Canada does not have.