Teacher Who Showed Pictures Of Mohammed, Was BEHEADED In France By Man Shouting “Allahu Akbar”

A brutal and savage terrorist act.

A horrific and savage act of terrorism has been perpetrated in France.

A middle school history teacher had shown photos of the Muslim prophet Muhammed to students.

Then, a student shouting “Allahu Akbar” BEAHEADED the teacher in the street with a knife.

Afterwards, the student was confronted by police in the town of Eragny-sur-Oise near Paris, and shot.

The terrorist later died of their injuries.

According to someone who spoke to the French paper Le Parisien, “‘The victim had recently given a lesson to his students on freedom of expression and had shown the caricatures of Muhammad’. The murdered teacher was later identified as Samuel P.

His lesson led to an enraged man confronting him with a knife, and then cutting his head off, said the source.

The dead suspected terrorist was described as an 18-year-old who was born in Moscow, and who had links with the school.”

It is believed the student is a Chechen, one of about 30,000 Chechens who fled the war in Russia and went to France – including many with past combat experience.

The terrorist also apparently put up a video of the attack, including him holding the severed head of the teacher.

The authorities have said they are investigating the attack as terrorism. French President Emmanuel Macron is set to visit the area after holding an emergency meeting.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube