Desperate: Liberals Willing To Risk Election Rather Than Be Honest About Corruption

The Liberal government is clearly doing everything they can to avoid being transparent, leaving Canadians to wonder why they are so afraid of the truth.

If the Liberals were confident that they had done nothing wrong with regards to corruption, they would be acting far differently than they currently are.

Yet, their current behaviour shows how desperate they are.

With the Conservatives seeking to create an anti-corruption committee, the Liberals are so desperate to stop that from happening that they are willing to risk an election.

Liberal House leader Pablo Rodriguez has said that the Liberals may try to declare the vote on the creation of the anti-corruption committee as a confidence measure, even though the creation of committees is never considered a confidence vote.

Here’s what Rodriguez said:

“The Conservative motion that is there on the table, if it was to be debated tomorrow, would send a clear message that there is no confidence in the government. They cross the line when they say that the ministers and the public servants will spend all their time working on this instead of working for Canadians. So, you know, when you do things there are consequences.”

That means the creation of the committee could lead to an election, unless the opposition loses the vote.

In response to Rodriguez, Conservative House leader Gerard Deltell slammed the Liberals:

“That you are even entertaining such speculation demonstrates to me — as it would to all Canadians — the desperate ends to which the Liberal government will go to further its coverup of a very troubling scandal which reeks of corruption.”

Notably, the Liberal threat appears aimed at the weakened NDP, a party that is struggling to raise money and maintain any momentum under the incompetent leadership of Jagmeet Singh.

And it may be working:

“Our message to the Liberals is calm down, we have work to do,” said Charlie Angus.

“Work with us,” Angus added.

That sounds like the NDP is prepared to surrender again, once more letting the Liberals get away with it.

Spencer Fernando

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