RADICAL LEFT CANCEL CULTURE: Queen’s University Removing Sir John A. Macdonald Name From Law Building

Institutions continue to surrender to the fringe radical left, while ignoring the vast majority of Canadians who want our history to be defended.

In another disgraceful move of surrender to the radical left fringe, Queen’s University is removing Sir John A. Macdonald’s name from their law building.

Here’s what Queens University said in their full statement:

“The Queen’s Board of Trustees today approved the university’s decision to remove the name “Sir John A. Macdonald” from the law school building, as recommended by Principal and Vice-Chancellor Patrick Deane following his acceptance of recommendations made by Dean Mark Walters, Dean of Faculty of Law, and a report from a special committee set up to consider the situation.

“This decision is grounded in the university’s present-day academic mission and commitment to honour the values of equity, diversity, and inclusivity and to ensure all students, faculty, and staff feel welcome within the Queen’s community,” says Principal Deane. “It also supports our commitment to take action to address systemic racism and ensure every member of our community may enjoy the benefits of our institution equally.”

The decision follows a two-month public consultation process that saw more than 3,000 members of the Queen’s community and others submit feedback to the Macdonald Hall Consultation Advisory Committee. Principal Deane directed the Faculty of Law to set up the advisory committee in July, in response to an online petition calling for the law school building to be renamed.

The advisory committee delivered a 65-page report to Dean Walters recommending the Macdonald name be removed from the building. This recommendation was accepted by Dean Walters and then endorsed by Principal Deane before being sent to the Board of Trustees for final approval.

“Sir John A. Macdonald is rightly celebrated for his central role in the founding of modern Canada and the creation of our country’s constitution. However, a more complete understanding of his legacies has emerged in recent years. In particular, we now have a richer and better understanding of the hurtful views and policies he and his government advanced in relation to Indigenous peoples and racial minorities,” says Dean Mark Walters. “What was made clear through our consultations is that the Macdonald name sends a conflicting message that interferes with the values and aspirations of the current law school and Queen’s community where Indigenous and racialized students must feel welcome and included.”

In 2015 the final report of Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) made clear the legacy of residential schools is hurtful and lasting. Queen’s University has accepted the findings of the TRC and is committed to honouring its calls to action. The Truth & Reconciliation Commission also identifies special responsibilities for law schools in Canada, and Queen’s Law must ensure that the faculty lives up to those responsibilities.

“During this era of truth and reconciliation, it’s important to consider how we move forward together with a good mind and in peace for the greater good for all peoples,” says Kanonhsyonne Janice Hill, Associate Vice-Principal of Indigenous Initiatives. “As Haudenosaunee we are taught in our decision making to reflect on and be mindful of the past while considering the impact on future generations. This decision affirms that Queen’s is headed in that direction in terms of creating a safe and equitable space where each member of the community has a strong sense of belonging. As we continue to dismantle these colonial symbols, we get closer to achieving an inclusive community for all.”

Queen’s will be following a separate process to eventually rename the faculty of law building. Principal Deane will bring recommendations to the Board of Trustees around a renaming process in the coming months. More details about this process will be shared in due course.

The Queen’s community will also be engaged over the course of this academic year in acting on it’s recent Declaration of Commitment to Address Systemic Racism and on Principal Deane’s Report on The Conversation with the Queen’s community. Both commit Queen’s to take action to address systemic racism and to unite the community, improving the experience of every member so that all may enjoy the benefits of our institution equally.”

This is a disgrace.

It is part of a disturbing pattern we are seeing across Canada and the Western world, as the radical left destroys confidence and eliminates remembrance of our history.

Rather than acknowledge that historical leaders of Canada did both good and bad things, they are cancelled entirely and erased, further emboldening the extreme radical left mob.

Patriotic Canadians must stand against this and push back against this radical far left cancel culture and reembrace Patriotism and love of our Country.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


The Radical Left Communists are trying to destroy Canadian history. We must Fight Back! If you want to SUPPORT Spencer Fernando, you can Donate through Paypal at the button below:

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Gerri Page

It’s a disgrace that statues are being toppled and names removed from universities while Pierre Trudeau’s statue is still standing. His statue is insignificant and should be toppled.


Another example of caving to the minority. Extremely disappointed that Queens has decided to whimper away & allow this cancel culture to occur in Kingston. They should be standing strong against wiping out Canadian history.

Marion Leyland

Utterly disgraceful! We must stop erasing our history! Without Sir John A MacDonald where would we be as a country tiday.

Lynne Mayotte

Disgraceful, I and so many Canadians are ashamed of the lot of you including your traitorous Dean. May God have mercy on you because I don’t.


I just called my lawyer to ask if he had attended Queen’s. One of his Partners did. I am no longer involved with that Law Firm. I will be looking for one that appreciates our history, imperfect as it might be.


Really just strip Canada bare of its history? How sad are these people, why do we have these sick depressives running all of our schools and sad fascist liars running our country?

Ron Shaw

Why not rename the building “ The Corrupt Liberal Cancelling Culture Law Building For The Weak-of mind Building “ . As this name correctly describes both what happened to the buildings name and who renamed the building for future generations to get a chuckle . This article reminds me of the Egyptians 2500 years ago erasing history , history that only didn’t get erased , no matter how hard and corruptly they try and today we only get a chuckle out of their weak attempts . History can’t be changed only a Liberal would think it can . Good luck… Read more »

Brian Dougan

What a long winded load of spineless bumpf. Queen’s? They may as well re-name the university. Can’t have any reminder of Britain’s hateful; divisive; racist monarchs. Better close all the liquor stores as well. Booze (apparently) played a big role in our founding father’s life. Any visual reminder of Sir John A’s past might trigger the snowflakes.


philanthropists, alumni and government should cut the gravy train , Defund as the
left likes to say. Hit Queens where it hurts or this will continue until all history
is down the memory hole .