WEAK: Feeble Freeland Calls Chinese Ambassador’s Threats ‘Not Appropriate,’ Refuses To Demand Apology Or Order Him To Leave

Liberals refuse to take action after China threatens Canadians.

The weakness of the Liberals in response to China’s threats continues.

In Question Period, Conservative leader Erin O’Toole – who has pushed for a tough approach to China – asked why the Liberals haven’t demanded that Chinese Ambassador Cong Peiwu apologize for threatening 300,000 Canadians or remove him from the country.

Chrystia Freeland’s response was emblematic of the weak and feeble approach of the Liberals.

She could only muster up a response that meekly called the comments ‘not appropriate.’


‘Inappropriate’ is what Jeffrey Toobin did on his zoom call.

Threatening the lives of our Citizens is an act of aggression against our nation that cannot be allowed.

By showing so much weakness, Freeland and the Liberals are endangering Canadians by inviting even more aggression against our nation.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Let me be clear, if the Chinese Ambassador does not publically apologize, I will threaten to stomp my feet and shake my fists in his direction.


Justin Trudeau’s mediocre ego demands that in Cabinet Justin be the smartest person in the room.
Once JT kicked out Morneau then he became the smartest.
So don’t expect any a strong performances or backbone from the left-overs that make up his cabinet.
What you see is what you get, and still to come will be bullying of any Canadian Justin sic’s his dministers on.

Major Tom

Follow the money…….

Arie Intveld

You do not bite the hand that helps feed you.


Freeland bobs her head as if she is scolding us less than intelligent Canadians….don’t we know we can trust the Communist Chinese Party??? This is the totalitarian regime holding 2 of our citizens without due process and threatening Chinese Canadians who may wish to return to the safety of this country. God help us with pathetic leadership like this.

John Cox

This is what happens when a government and its SoyBoy for a PM says in public that he admires the communist way of governing a country, be it the economy or any other facet of governing. I wager to say that the Trudeau Lieberals and their sidekicks NDP pray at the alter of communist to have the power that the CCP wields over its people.


Is there any truth that the Chinese army has already been sent to Our Country and are set up in the Great North????While everyone worries abt a manmade virus, while we were denied travel plans at the beginning of this hoax???


Of course the liberals won’t do anything – Trudeau loves the dictatorship philosophy of the Chinese Communist government – read China Virus or watch video of BB Justin comment on Rebel news

Barry Bateman

Exactly Fernando. Trudeau Liberals have been failing Canadians, the environment and the world since Pierre Trudeau cabinet minister Maurice Strong’s corrupt and delusional pitting of CO2 against the environment! Imagine. The basic ingredient of life on earth CO2 that Trudeau Liberals call “pollution” in its starvation level lows. Strong died a convicted criminal and fugitive communist lover. Strong is buried in exile in communist China. But you will hear none of that from Canadian Liberal television. OR from communist loving Trudeau Liberals.


Look at that picture folks . . . two of the dumbest women in Canada . . . Klimate Barbie and the NY journalist Freeland.

Of course with Crime Minister Justin Trudope in tow they make the 3 stooges look like Geniuses . . . too bad Canada, it’s all downhill from here !


Look at Mckenna , she’s always in dream land , dreaming of her next joint .