Trudeau Press Secretary Charged By Ethics Commissioner

A mere $250 fine was doled out.

The latest Liberal to be involved with an ethics issue is Alex Wellstead, a press secretary for Justin Trudeau.

The Ethics Commissioner posted a notice today, revealing that Wellstead has been charged $250 for “failing to disclose a material change related to assets within 30 days after the change.”

“Alex Wellstead, a press secretary at Prime Minister @JustinTrudeau’s Office, has received a #penalty of $250 from the #EthicsCommissioner for failing to disclose a material change related to assets within 30 days after the change. ( #CdnPoli”

As you can see, the penalty is a pathetic $250, which doesn’t do anything to dissuade ethics problems whatsoever.

And what can we expect from a corrupt system where the punishments applied to politicians are set by the politicians themselves?

Spencer Fernando

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These penalties need to start at $1000 and rise according to the politician’s position as well as the infraction. For people like the PM, start at $10,000 for minor cases and and go up rapidly. Interference like trudeau did with Jody and Jane, $100,000 and banned from Federal Government property of any sort for one year. No plane rides to go surfing. Fly Business class. No upper limit.

Brian Dougan

$250. That reminds me of Ezra Levant’s “swear jar.” Drop in a buck when he swears. The $250 goes into the Liberal “ethics violation” jar. When it’s full; the boys have a little party, and have a good laugh at us Canadian suckers.

Major Tom

Can he claim that fine on his income tax?


Shame on those politicians. Every darn one should lose their job if convicted….what is $250 to a government employee? Just a crying shame. Can’t Canada do better?