Why Are The Liberals Against Fighting Corruption?

The fact that they are willing to risk an election rather than investigating corruption shows how corrupt and anti-Canadian the Liberals have become.

The Trudeau Liberals have become completely detached from the values of the Canadian People.

Canadians are hardworking people who believe in doing things the right way.

By contrast, the Liberals are now clearly a totally corrupted party.

You are seeing this right now, as the Liberals desperately try to stop the creation of an anti-corruption committee.

Think about it:

The Liberals would rather risk an election than allow an investigation of corruption.

They are willing to risk losing all their power, rather than just allow a committee to be created.

That speaks to the massive fear and desperation the Liberals are feeling.

They know that Canadians are on to their corruption, and they are desperate to avoid accountability.

Clearly, far worse things are happening, and have happened, behind the scenes, and we can only imagine why the Liberals continue to double down on their embrace of corruption.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Russel Becker

Trudeau has a lot of corrupt things he has done to Canada and it’s citizens he doesn’t want it to come out criminal things against us the citizens of Canada. He is now in a real fix it has to come out we need to know no transparency since he was elected. No accountability so many lies.


People paying attention see what has happened again with the lie-berals. We so need this anti corruption committee, maybe they should re arrange the committee name to “Honesty and Transparency Committee” how could they fight that? Never mind that so many are now demonizing our great Pierre Poilievre over his hard work to get Canadians the truth out of the blockage and lies from these lie-berals. I do not know if an election would work with how much corruption the NDP and lie-berals have brought in to our Country from their foreign “globalist friends”, which also used to be illegal… Read more »


He’s enriched himself on our tax dollar and probably even worse I suspect.