BREAKING: Liberals & NDP Vote In Favour Of Covering-Up Corruption, Conservative Motion To Create Anti-Corruption Committee Defeated

The NDP keeps calling the Liberals corrupt, while enabling their corruption.

A Conservative motion supported by the Bloc to create an anti-corruption committee amid escalating government spending scandals has been defeated.

146 voted for the motion, while 180 voted against.

The Liberals and NDP voted against the motion, thus voting in favour of corruption.

As a result, the Liberals – who had made the vote on the committee a confidence matter (something that has never been done) – will avoid an election, while the NDP has been fully revealed as nothing more than a broken party that exists only to prop up the Liberals.

The NDP repeatedly accuses the Liberals of being corrupt, then does the Liberals bidding and props them up.

This is a dangerous precedent that has been set.

With the Liberals declaring the vote on the committee as a confidence matter – and getting away with it – they will be further incentivized to use this tactic whenever the Opposition tries to get accountability, meaning that Canada’s democracy has been gravely damaged.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Guy-Paul Roy

Two Questions a person must ask themselves.
#1 Are the Liberal’s Unethical and Corrupt enough to bribe the NDP?
#2 Is Jagmeet Unethical and Corrupt enough to take the Bribe?
This is NOT Politics as usual.

Arie Intveld

Canadian democracy has been victim to “death by a thousand cuts” and is now fully replaced with a corruptocracy ruled by a parliamentary mafia.

How much further will Canada go down the crapper before the Canadian peasants figure out that the “torches and pitchforks” moment is upon them?

Vito D'Alessandro

Conservatives fail again.


Singh & Trudope are Fellow Travellers . . . they are both far-left Statists.
They both believe they Know what is good for you.
Unfortunately a large % of Cdn Voters today think the same way . . . they think that the Govt can be their parents & providers. Eastern Canada has done this for Generations, but there comes a time when the Money runs out, and that time is getting closer every day for Canadians.
What does Canada look like then ? One word . . . Venezuela !