WATCH: Final Debate Between Donald Trump & Joe Biden

With less than two weeks before US Election Day, the US President & former Vice President have their final face-off.

US President Donald Trump and former US Vice President Joe Biden are having their final debate before Election Day.

You can watch the debate below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Wow a moderator that was at least fair, amazing. Of course then a man came on to tell us about a different debate than we just heard? I turned that off and as usual our great Spencer had it all ready to watch on his site. I sure hope that the President wins again. Also Pres. Trump has been saying that he is not a politician which is true and I am beginning to think that this may be the best way to fix our mess here in Canada we need a strong common sense honest hard working person with… Read more »

Dan Mancuso

It’s disturbing how many people still support the Democrats and Biden and who will accept without curiosity or question, the blatant lies, criminality, treason and degeneracy of the Biden Crime Family and Democrats in general, and the lefty liberal MSM coverup of all that…
I wish there could be a debate the Democrats and their lap dog media drones didn’t run…
God bless America…but deal with your lefty liberal problem!


There is something going on between the c’dian libs and the Democrats, they both seem to have the same format on: slogan, open border; illegal entry; zero-emission/transition green energy, paris accord and so on.