Why Are We Forced To Pay For The CBC When They Obsessively Copy US Media Networks?

What a waste of money.

As we’ve long mentioned, CBC News is often indistinguishable from US media networks.

While they cover Canadian politics a bit, much of their coverage – and particularly their online content – is devoted to US politics.

And it’s almost never an analysis of any Canadian connection, rather it’s simply a regurgitation of what US establishment media is saying.

Now, this isn’t a huge problem if it’s from a private Canadian network or Independent media, since we aren’t forced to pay for them.

But when it comes to the CBC, we don’t get a choice.

We are forced to pay them with our tax dollars.

And they take that $1.3 billion and then copy US networks, content that almost every Canadian can get by watching CNN, CBS News, ABC News, NBC News, or the other US establishment networks.

As Andrew Lawton said on Twitter, can we get our money back?

“Yes I have a question @CBCNews. Can you return the $1.3 billion you get each year to cover Canadian news, since you apparently aren’t interested in doing that?”

CBC often prefers to cover US politics while downplaying Canadian political scandals.

Many issues of deep importance in Canada, like rising political divisions, surging debt and deficits, our almost non-existent national defence, infiltration from China, and many more, get almost totally ignored, while we are paying for the so-called ‘Canadian’ broadcasting corporation’ to mimic American media.

It’s a huge waste of money, and even worse, every moment we are forced to pay for a copy of US media networks is a moment where democracy and accountability in our own country is weakened.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Just defund slanted CBC, it has nothing left in it that could ever make Canada proud and show us as honest.

Brian Dougan

Why do they bother to broadcast anything? Just televise a 24/7 picture of their meaningless logo–the “exploding sphincter.” I think Ottawa’s defunct *Frank* magazine coined that appropriate term. It was a great magazine. They skewered the CBC/all politicians-nothing was off the table for them.


I have been wondering for years why we have a CBC. True, they report almost no Canadian news, and if they do it’s totally Lieberal biased. Harper should have closed down CBC. As a Canadian broadcaster, they are useless!
And who watches their crap anyway?

Helmut Beintner

CBC should be renamed CBS standing for C Bull Sh.t.


We’d be better off without the CBC, and their overpaid lefty mandarins.

We HAD Stephen Harper, he COULD have straightened it all out…….is there any hope left ?