Amid Massive Spending & Increasing Foreign Aid To Non-Canadians, Trudeau Betrays Canada’s Indigenous People By Breaking Boil Water Advisory Promise

Another scumbag move by the Liberals.

The Liberal government is spending money at a clip never before seen in Canadian history.


Spending is above even WW2 levels.

Not only is the Liberal government spending record amounts, but they have also increased foreign aid.

In the last month, the Liberal have announced over $400 in new foreign aid, on top of the many billions they give away every year.

So, Trudeau has dramatically increased the amount of our tax dollars going to non-Canadians.

Meanwhile, at the same time this is happening, Justin Trudeau has betrayed Canada’s Indigenous People, breaking his promise to end boil water advisories.

In a disgraceful move to deflect blame, Trudeau tried blaming the pandemic:

“We recognize there’s lots more work to do,” Trudeau said. “Travel restrictions related to (COVID-19) have made it more difficult in certain situations, but we continue to work very closely with communities across the country.”

Of course, that’s the same guy who was just fine having a nationwide general election. It’s as if he really believes people can’t see past his disgusting lies.

As I said on Twitter, Trudeau is a pathetic clown:

“Justin Trudeau virtue-signals about ‘systemic racism,’ then gives our money to non-Canadians in foreign countries while many First Nations lack even basic drinkable water. What a pathetic clown. How about focusing on some actions, rather than empty ‘woke’ words?”

Spencer Fernando

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