Corrupt Liberal Fear-Mongering Fails To Stop Opposition Motion Studying Incompetent China Virus Response

The Liberals – completely unhinged and emboldened by getting away with it for so long – have now resorted to outright threats against Canadians for ‘daring’ to demand transparency.

The Trudeau Liberals have become so used to getting their way through threats and lies that they must be shocked it didn’t work this time.

In their effort to stop a Health Committee investigation of the Liberals failed pandemic response, the Trudeau government resorted to some truly desperate threats:

Liberal procurement minister Anita Anand had said, “It is my grave concern that those contracts are at risk, those negotiations are at risk, and suppliers will then as a result be hesitant to contract with the federal government. And that chill on our supplier relationships then undermines and perhaps negates our ability to procure additional PPE, buy additional vaccines, and additional rapid test kits.” 

She then went even further:

“What is on the table here is the lives of Canadians. That’s the end goal of our procurements, that is what we are trying to protect. These procurements did not happen overnight. They were not easy. It was an incredibly difficult summer, and we managed to come through it with these procurements for Canadians. It hurts my heart to think that they would be jeopardized.”

That’s the kind of fear-mongering you see in corrupt dictatorships: “People will die if anyone investigates.”

Pathetically, Patty Hajdu had praised the motion as a “good faith” gesture a few days ago, until Liberal messaging suddenly changed and they portrayed it as a threat.

Yet, the Opposition – including the NDP – refused to back down to the unhinged Liberal threats and passed the motion for the investigation 176-152.

Now, the Liberals – who sold our PPE to China, downplayed the China Virus when it could have been stopped, accused people of racism for wanting to close the borders, trusted China’s false information, failed to get rapid testing, and continue to offer only draconian destructive lockdowns as the solution – will be made to answer for their incompetence, corruption, and failures.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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