WATCH: Candice Bergen Asks If Trudeau Is Compromised By Communist China

The Liberals are the party for China. Canada needs leaders who are actually for Canadians.

In the House of Commons, the Conservatives are ramping up their criticism of Justin Trudeau, finally asking a question many Canadians have been wondering:

Is Justin Trudeau compromised by Communist China?

Conservative Deputy Leader Candice Bergen asked why Justin Trudeau met with “multiple Chinese Communist Party elites who have apparent links to gangs, illegal casinos, and organized crime here in Canada.”

“Is @JustinTrudeau compromised because of his relationship with Chinese Communist Party officials? #cdnpoli”

Of course, Trudeau didn’t answer the question.

Instead, Liberal MP Robert Oliphant ‘answered,’ with a pathetically weak message about how the relationship with China is ‘intricate,’ and ‘difficult.’

It’s the same kind of weak language the Liberals continually use, doing nothing as China continues to infiltrate our nation and tries to subject us to the influence and dominance of the Communist Party.

The fact is, despite many people not wanting to consider the implications of it, Canada may very well have a ‘leader’ who is devoted to serving the interests of a hostile foreign power, rather than the Canadian People.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Doug Robilliard

Spencer you hit the Nail on the head! Facts do not Lie, unlike the loser pm who cannot spit out two words of any truth! Sack of Garbage lib tards


Well there is no doubt in my mind, that the Anti Canadian lieberals are compromised, even just looking at trudeau’s trust funds foreign donations, CCP paid for his communist fathers statue, and the cancel culture has not disturbed it, they just disturb the proud real Canadians statues, even the Ottawa war memorial, buildings and road names etc. Besides that Trudeau would not want to have another election until the lefties in the states are there to help and support them like they have done in the last two elections and the democrats in the USA are all invested in China… Read more »

Garlet Farlett

And, if Biden wins, all of North America is in trouble.

Moe S.

The number of former & present Canadian politicians, at least four former Liberal Prime Ministers willing to be puppets for Beijing is staggering. Canada will never get out from under Communist China’s influence or control, unless the CCP regime is destroyed by it’s own people.


Justin Trudeau IS another Joe Biden in the making. Yet another VERY corrupt politician that may have accepted money gifts through dealings with various foreign countries while in power – and I wonder what those foreign countries got in return – the ‘keys to the country’, perhaps ? Time to check Trudeau’s various bank and trust accounts and the Trudeau Foundation – see how many billions he has salted away in 5 years of corrupt power.


Does he have or are there any numbered Trudeau accounts in the Chinese Banks he approved? How many other politicians are involved with those Banks. Their accounts could be filled digitally with deposits from the CCP and we would never know.


We all believe Prime Minister Turd-Dope is a stooge for the CCP, except for the stupid Liberals that is. He did say he admires their Dictatorship didn’t he? By the way does Turd-Dope speak Mandarin or does he get his BUTTS buddy to translate for him???? Probably the latter.


With all the Biden revelations over the past while, if he wins, then China has co-opted the governments of both Canada and the US. Won’t be a good time for us, and we may never recover from it.


Have the Chinese used their Chinese Virus as a weapon to damage world politica and the world economy?