PATHETIC: Trudeau Statement Refuses To Say “Islamist,” Pushes Political Correctness Instead

Why should Canadians have to put up with such pathetic cowardice from someone with zero leadership skills?

Justin Trudeau has issued a statement on the Islamic Terror Attack in Nice, France.

In his remarks, both on Twitter and at a virtual press conference with European leaders, Trudeau failed to say the words “Islamist Terrorism,” or “Islamist Attack,” yet again showing a sick obsession with political correctness and an attitude of gutless cowardice.

Here’s what Trudeau said on Twitter:

“Devastating news from Nice, where a terrorist attack at a church claimed several lives. Our thoughts are with the loved ones of the victims. We stand in solidarity with the French people against violence and denounce these unjustifiable acts, which have no place in our society.”

And here’s what he said at the press conference:

“They were heinous, criminal acts, unjustifiable by any circumstance and an affront to all of our values. The criminals, the terrorists, the cold-blooded murderers who perpetrated these attacks do not represent Islam. They do not get to define Muslims in France, in Canada or anywhere around the world.”

This is the same tired rhetoric we hear from corrupt politicians.

Trudeau fails to acknowledge that Radical Islam is a real ideology, and that the terrorists represent a subset (of course not all), of Muslim opinion in both France and around the world.

By contrast, Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole gave a much tougher statement:

“France is in mourning.

An attack on France is an attack on all democracies.

Canada is with you. I am with you.”

As you know very well, Justin Trudeau’s cowardice and weakness puts us all at risk, and is an insult to the true values upon which Canada is based.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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D. Jerome Hauk

Neither did O’Toole mention Islam, radical or itherwise.


Exactly, Spencer.

Major Tom

Didn’t the befuddled idiot state….”If you kill your enemies….they win…” ?


You have to smoke a lot of dope to come up with something like that.


This reminds me of a beer commerciaI, onIy with a IiberaI twist. TeII me if you know this one. (or the variation thereof)

“Not aII terrorists or their supporters vote…..but when they do, they vote IiberaI”

Andy Z

O’Toole’s statement wasn’t tough at all. Both politicians are a joke. Canada’s becoming a politically correct, bankrupt joke. Neither of those clowns represent me.


O’Fool is just as feckless . . . .

Reality is . . . the Western Democracies are being “Colonized” by Izzzzlamists, France has passed the 10% threshold which means it’s ALL downhill from here.
Macron seems to have found his Balls . . . the Insane Euro-trash Left is calling hime Far-right now. France either starts to fight back NOW or it’s fate will be no different than Turkey or Egypt.