Alberta Should Reject Their Partnership With A Saudi Company When The Rest Of Canada Stops Buying Saudi Oil

Slamming Alberta for trying to survive economically while giving the rest of the country a free pass on buying Saudi Oil is the height of hypocrisy.

There is some criticism of Alberta coming in lately, regarding the possibility of a partnership between Alberta and a private Saudi corporation on a $5 billion petrochemical facility.

And, while that criticism may be based on an understandable reticence (which I generally share) of having further foreign control in parts of our country, the criticism of Alberta is also massively hypocritical.

After all, much of Canada – including gigantic refineries in the East – use massive amounts of Saudi Oil.

In fact, in some parts of the country, provinces have explicitly rejected homegrown Alberta Oil, and instead used oil from Saudi Arabia.

In effect, parts of the East have chosen to enrich the Saudi dictatorship, rather than enrich their fellow Canadians in Alberta.

Additionally, the Trudeau Government has put their boot on the throat of the energy sector in Alberta, including by imposing a carbon tax and strict regulations, while exempting foreign oil – including Saudi Oil – from those same restrictions.

At this point, with all the corrupt foreign money and disloyal enemies of the energy sector trying to destroy Alberta, how can we criticize Alberta for trying to survive?

So, my message to all those who are criticizing Alberta is this:

Alberta should end their partnership with a Saudi company when the rest of Canada stops buying Saudi Oil.

Spencer Fernando


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