The Liberals Radical Immigration Policy Is An Attack On Canadian Workers

If the government truly wanted to help Canadian Citizens, they would focus on ensuring Canadian workers are taken care of. Instead, the Liberals are doing the bidding of big corporations, while hiding behind political correctness.

Have you ever noticed how the establishment media always talks about ‘labour shortages,’ but never talks about ‘opportunities for workers’?

Because one is also the other, but they never mention that.

When companies have trouble finding people to fill jobs, those companies either have to become more efficient, or raise wages, or likely some combination of the two.

For an extreme example, Japan has made massive increases in robotics technology to compensate for their lack of immigration.

In the case of the United States, their lower immigration levels – still relatively high as most countries go – has coincided with a large rise in wages for working class people, making the job market much better. In fact, before the China Virus, the US had the lowest unemployment rate in history.

Of course, big corporations don’t like that. They don’t want low unemployment, and they don’t want high wages. They want a huge pool of desperate low paid workers.

And that’s why big corporations love massive immigration.

It serves their interests, while hurting workers.

As you know, the Liberals will never openly say that.

Instead, they will talk about immigration in terms of ‘diversity,’ ‘inclusion,’ ‘multiculturalism,’ and all the other politically-correct terms.

This obscures the true agenda behind mass immigration, and puts opponents of massive immigration on the defensive, as they get smeared as ‘racists,’ ‘xenophobes,’ and so on.

And yet, we need to be able to debate and discuss immigration in this country. Polls regularly show that a majority of Canadians oppose immigration increases. And, considering that Canada is already a very diverse country, that means Canadians of all backgrounds are opposed to immigration increases.

Canadians who oppose higher immigration are good, Patriotic People who have an opinion on policy and are seeking to support what is best for those who are already in our country – who are supposed to be the top priority for the government.

In fact, the Trudeau Liberals, by opposing the opinion of Canadians and by bringing immigration to record levels, are pushing a radical policy.

We need to speak out and push back against this radical policy, because the interests of Canadian workers are clearly under attack by the Liberal government.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Ron Shaw

So I don’t want to be called a racist by Trudeau and his liberal lap dogs , so sure let’s bring in half a million more yellow cab drivers , as there are definitely not enough of them presently and yes please bring in more non English speaking ,non educated , non skilled immigrant workers . I love trying to use sign language when ordering breakfast or having a tradesman show up with less knowledge than myself or a child pointing out where the on/off switch is for the furnace repair guy . Why not !


Hi Ron Shaw nothing we can do our prime minister sold our sovereignty to UN.We don’t own Canada anymore.UN calls the shots they tell us how many immigrants we should accept..

Guy-Paul Roy

All the Unemployed and Empty Spaces in Calgary can now be filled by the Liberals and their great ideas? We can save some money on not investigating Morneau!!.

very old white guy

Everything the liberal/socialist/communists do is an attack on Canadians. Canada needs a halt to all immigration until we reach 100% employment. Then all new immigrants have to be self supporting and no welfare immigrants walking across the border that regular Canadians have to jump through hoops to cross.

Doug Robilliard

stupid goof will never listen to anyone!


Watching Immigration since Trudope I days . . . it is getting obvious to anyone who is paying attention . . . that Canada has changed dramatically. Was this the Goal ? Canada is becoming what the Politicians have let into the country . . . It is becoming clear to many Europeans today that Diversity & Multiculturalism is a dismal Failure ! Several of these countries are now experiencing Terror & Fear. Then there’s the Global concerns for the Klimate . . . how does moving Millions of people from warm, temperate areas of the globe to Northern areas… Read more »

Shawn Harris

Controlled levels of of qualified and real immigrants are always good for Canada, but Trudeau’s forced mass immigration policy is designed: not just to hurt and demoralize workers and those looking for work; it has dark side to it as well. It exasperates existing problems in society, such as housing, transit , food shortages and does lead to more conflicts, violence and crime. This is the world that Trudeau craves; a broken, divided, angry citizenry, that he play off against each other, trying to establish his dictator credentials while sanctimoniously pretending to care about the problems he created in your… Read more »


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