Conservatives Raise Record Amount Outside Election Year

Quarter three was the best quarter for the Conservatives in fundraising outside of a year in which an election took place.

There are signs of growing momentum for the Conservatives, as newly released fundraising numbers show a huge surge.

In Quarter 3 of 2020 (July – September), the Conservatives raised $5.6 million.

Those donations came from about 40,000 people.

Notably, that number doesn’t include money raised by the leadership candidates.

For example, Erin O’Toole raised $2 million in total, meaning the party was both pulling in donations for candidates and the party itself.

So far, the NDP and Liberals have not released their numbers, though they are expected to be far lower.

In particular, the NDP has been doing terrible when it comes to fundraising under Jagmeet Singh’s weak leadership.

As for the other parties, the Bloc raised around $300,000, and the Greens raised over $800,000.

With the Greens having surged in the recent Toronto Centre byelection, and the NDP polling terribly, many will be watching to see if the Greens outraised the NDP in the latest quarter.

Spencer Fernando

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Guy-Paul Roy

O’Toole might just have MORE money from contributors but NOT one person in Politics has more People dislike him/her more than The Turd in the Punch Bowl.


Sooo, what are you gonna do if you get into office with a majority ?

Personally, I’ve had it with political parties, they are so full of shit.

Stephen Harper had one, and frittered his opportunity away.

How about shutting down the CBC , for starters. Get off your asses, I want to see some sabre rattling !