Enemy Of Canadian Values: Following Islamist Terror In France, Trudeau Says “Freedom Of Expression Is Not Without Limits”

Rather than defending free expression as Canadians would expect, Trudeau is instead using similar language as the radical Islamists who have tried to subtly ‘justify’ horrific terror attacks by talking about communities being ‘hurt’ and ‘offended.’

Justin Trudeau continues to show himself to be an enemy of Canadian Values.

In little-reported remarks following Islamist terror attacks in France, Justin Trudeau had this to say in response to a question about the French Charlie Hebdo magazine showing caricatures of the Muslim prophet Muhammed:

“We will always defend freedom of expression,” Trudeau said in response to a question about the right to show a caricature of the Prophet Mohammed, as France’s Charlie Hebdo magazine did.

“But freedom of expression is not without limits,” he added. “We owe it to ourselves to act with respect for others and to seek not to arbitrarily or unnecessarily injure those with whom we are sharing a society and a planet.”

“We do not have the right for example to shout fire in a movie theatre crowded with people, there are always limits,” he argued.

Distancing himself from the position of French President Emmanuel Macron, Trudeau pleaded for a careful use of free speech.

“In a pluralist, diverse and respectful society like ours, we owe it to ourselves to be aware of the impact of our words, of our actions on others, particularly these communities and populations who still experience a great deal of discrimination,” he said.”

Note here that Trudeau isn’t actually defending freedom of expression.

He is instead trying to be a pathetic little weasel, claiming to defend it while actually undermining it.

Offending people is the entire point of being free to express yourself.

Free expression means nothing if it is only used for bland un-offensive stuff.

And Canada is a country based on freedom and free expression, so people who immigrate here must adapt to that reality, not the other way around.

But instead of saying that, Trudeau instead used language that is disturbingly similar to some of the Islamists who have tried subtly defending the attacks, or ‘explaining’ the attacks.

They’ve said it is the ‘result’ of communities (Islamic communities), being ‘offended’ and ‘hurt,’ and they’ve argued that free expression shouldn’t apply to blasphemy.

Of course, that would be to destroy a foundation of the Western world, and Trudeau seems to be implicitly taking the side once again of pushing against free speech and pushing against Canadian values, while giving cover to those who want to destroy everything our nation stands for.

Spencer Fernando

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