REPORT: Peter MacKay Won’t Run In Next Federal Election

“After much reflection and discussions with my family, I have made the difficult decision not to run in the next federal election,” said MacKay.

Former Conservative Deputy Leader and contestant for the 2020 leadership race Peter MacKay has announced that he won’t be running in the next federal election:

MacKay had once been seen as the frontrunner for the top CPC job, but it quickly became apparent that he was often out-of-touch with where the Conservative base was on many issues.

That led to his campaign being overtaken decisively by Erin O’Toole, and by political newcomer Dr. Leslyn Lewis, who won the most votes on the second ballot.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Very happy to hear this. Peter MacKay is a Liberal, NOT a Conservative!


Any guesses as to how many millions of tax dollars Trudeau and his Liberals will pour into that Riding, likely in the form of “infrastructure” and “green” projects, to buy votes?


Somehow I always put Peter McKay in with the Mulroney destruction of the Progressive Conservative Party, he was kind of a playboy type you could not take seriously but the new CPC wanted him, after the CPC ask John Charest also to consider running as a leader, I was horrified. Now this big push to get Leslyn Lewis voted in to be an MP (who wants Canada under the UN’s control and backs Paris accord and what the globalist one world lieberals??? she scares me and the fact that the lieberal bought out media keeps printing adds for her), this… Read more »

Ron Shaw

Well Peter you now have your own breakaway
So start skating and never to be seen again .