Incompetent Commie Jagmeet Singh Slammed For Praising Communist Fidel Castro While Attacking US President Donald Trump

Singh is what happens when someone without any actual political skills thinks spouting ‘woke’ talking points means anything.

Here’s what Jagmeet Singh said about US President Donald Trump today:


In 4 years Donald Trump has:

• Placed kids in cages

• Fanned the flames of hatred and division

• Failed 230,000 Americans, left dead because of COVID-19

Trump makes the world a more dangerous place for all of us and I hope to see him lose.”

And here’s what he said about Cuba’s Communist Dictator Fidel Castro:

“He saw a country wracked by poverty, illiteracy & disease. So he lead a revolution that uplifted the lives of millions. RIP #FidelCastro”

As expected, people are ripping Singh’s hypocrisy.

“Don’t you ever get tired of getting ratioed here man? Keep your nose out of another country’s political process and start doing the right thing for Canada.”

“Says an accomplice to the destruction of democracy in Canada.”

“An attempt at foreign interference in an election. Classy move. Good thing no one takes you seriously.”

“I don’t support Trump, but this is really not a good look for a political leader in Canada. Your lack of diplomacy towards the leader of Canada’s largest trading partner is incredible.”

“This is our countries main ally, and you are a leader of an opposition party to our government.

Be more responsible.

Your actions have consequences for all of us.”

“Said it when Singh was made leader of the NDP & I’ll say it again, Singh is a Liberal plant put in place to make Trudeau look smart, its a role Singh is excelling at!”

Of course, as numerous fact checks have shown, the cages were built under the Obama Administration.

So, not only is Singh interfering in the US Election, but he is spreading lies to divide people.

Singh continues to show that is nothing more than an incompetent Communist who has zero leadership ability whatsoever.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


In a nation full of corrupt lies, Spencer Fernando is fighting for the truth. If you want to support his Independent perspective, you can Donate through Paypal at the button below:

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Al Rose

The ignorance of Jagmeet Singh is monumental , i guess he was never told that Obama built those cages and the picture showing the kids in them was taken during the Obama Presidency.
I will leave it at that but i could argue every point he made as being false and propaganda


J. is an accomplice to the plans of Justin Castro and wants to save his $bags. Justin is in BIG trouble south of the border and may not be on Canadian soil soon and J. will follow if he continues to mimic talking points of his buddy.


Obama ran around our country in the last election doing rallies for the left communist globalists taking over our country. So I am surprised that this is the first I have heard of other than our globalists left tax paid media lies on the USA’s election and demonizing of their elected President who is not a politician, or worse still, he was making America Great Again, while the communists are all for wrecking the USA, as they have been doing to Canada. Pres. Trump has correctly called our crime minister “two faced” and has stated that Canada is “hard to… Read more »

Moe S.

Inexcusable ignorance of historical understanding and facts surrounding Fidel Castro.
When a politician combines his arrogance & ignorance in a public statement as such, it really puts into question that persons character. There is NO excuse for such stupidity!

Major Tom

……”by their fruits, you shall know them……”


LOL!! This guy is such a weasel. Straight in your face moron. The next ballot is a no-brainer.

Allan Wood

No surprise with this communist? Singh is a regular fool who follows the main stream news! Presently, this day Nov 3 in a few hours it will be revealed by a landslide vote that Trump will again serve another four years. As for yourself and your fellow US communist buddy Joe Biden, neither one of you will have a chance to lead this part of our western culture into a system of socialism/ communism. Of course, if the Canadian people continue to patronize Trudeau, his policies are just about the same as NDP Singh, you can continue to sleep in… Read more »


Jagmeet is just a dumb f Canook after all . . . He is even dumber than Senile Joe Biden . . . if that were possible ! Kids in cages? No Jagger that would be Obama who built & used the cages . . . Trump actually fixed the problem. Caused Division? You obviously missed Ferguson, my son Treyvon . . . yes! What Trump actually did . . . and you don’t know because of Canada’s Govt Funded lackey marxist Media. Trump created the best Economy in 50 years . . Lowest Minority Unemployment in the USA EVER… Read more »

Shawn Harris

Singh is an embarrassment, to Canada, himself, parliament and his party. One could say that, maybe Singh feels he hasn’t supported Trudeau and his merry band of communist enough already and is now trying to save his political skin, just before Trudeau finally absorbs what’s left of the dead and decaying NDP .
It’s time that the NDP just cross the political isle and join the Liberals.


What the hell is happening to Canada? It’s idiots like singh, trying to score cheap politcal points with brainless lefties, that are dragging this country down to 3rd world status! FO singh!

Brian Pudsey

Charlie Angus, please make some moves, soon. Jagmeet is not competent to be a party leader. Nice guy, I suspect, but not able to act for a team.


Is it just me or have our liberals become even more illiterate recently ?
Can someone please teach them how to read (other then marxist fairy tails.)

Clive Edwards

We need pragmatists, not followers of any particular doctrine, in the Canadian government.

reader's hubby

A hideously embarrassing moment for Singh…one of many others. He’s a spoiled man child who should not be the leader of any Canadian political party.