WATCH: Erin O’Toole Rips Justin Trudeau’s Attack On Free Speech

Conservative Leader points out how Trudeau is trying to disgrace the legacy of freedom that our fallen soldiers sacrificed their lives for.

Following Justin Trudeau’s disturbing remarks last week, in which he talked about limiting free expression in the wake of Islamist terrorist attacks, Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole went on the offensive.

O’Toole slammed Trudeau’s remarks, and made a connection between Trudeau’s refusal to defend free speech, and the fact that – as Remembrance Day approaches – Canadian War Heroes put sacrificed their lives to freely express ourselves and live in a free nation.

O’Toole is continuing to show very strong communication skills, and is clearly putting Justin Trudeau on the defensive as the Conservatives position themselves of the defender of Canadian values against the Liberals who seem hell-bent on selling out those values.

You can watch the O’Toole vs Trudeau exchange below:

“Justin Trudeau thinks “Freedom of expression is not without limits.” Police cars revolving light

I couldn’t disagree more! Freedom of speech is fundamental.

Grilling him in Question Period.


Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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JP Vanden Heuvel

Just when you think Trudeau can’t sink further, he does us one better and telegraphs a chilling message who’s side he’s actually on… it is obviously not on the side of freedom loving Canadians.

Doug Robilliard

mr never answer a question instead Gas Lights with BS….nothing new here folks move on and Yawn! village idiot!


Trudeau: King of Gaslighting