Amid Backlash, Trudeau Tries Rewriting History To Pretend He’s A Defender Of Free Speech

Looks like his remarks on free expression having ‘limits,’ following the Islamist attack in France didn’t go over well with Canadians.

Justin Trudeau – like many politicians – often reveals who he really is.

We saw it with his remarks on admiring China’s ‘basic dictatorship.’

We have seen it in his endless scandals and lies.

And we’ve seen it in his response to French President Emmanuel Macron’s defence of free speech following Islamist attacks.

We remember how Trudeau said free speech “has limits,” when asked about cartoons of the Muslim Prophet Muhammed, and then talked about sensitivity.

As we noted, Trudeau’s remarks weren’t a defence of free speech, they were opposition to free speech.

That led to a huge backlash, with many Canadians and political leaders slamming Trudeau’s weakness.

The backlash was especially strong in Quebec, where the Bloc and Quebec Premier Francois Legault took much stronger positions than Trudeau.

Now, it appears that backlash has Trudeau trying to rewrite history, and cast himself as a free speech champion:

“Justin Trudeau was asked by a reporter on Tuesday whether he condemns the publication of cartoons caricaturing the Prophet Muhammad.

“No,” he said, definitively in French. “I think it is important to continue to defend freedom of expression and freedom of speech. Our artists help us to reflect and challenge our views, and they contribute to our society.”

Lest there was any room for confusion about the prime minister’s free speech credentials, he reinforced the point in English. “Our journalists, our artists have an important challenge function in our society and we need to leave them free to do their work. I have always believed that and I’ve always said it.”

Yeah, sure bro.

Trudeau has NEVER said that, except for him saying it just now.

This is total gaslighting, as he tries to simply pretend he didn’t say everything else we know he said.

Also, the fact that he is only relenting under a backlash is exactly why he can’t be trusted to defend free speech.

True leaders defend free speech even – and especially – when it’s hard, not when they get scared of losing votes.

The fact is, Justin Trudeau has shown through his actions that he is an enemy of Canadian values and an enemy of free speech, and no amount of lies will change that.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


In a nation full of corrupt lies, Spencer Fernando is fighting for the truth. If you want to support his Independent perspective, you can Donate through Paypal at the button below:

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reader's hubby

How is it possible to be a defender of free speech and an admirer of China’s basic dictatorship at the same time? Trudeau rules over Canada as though he’s a dictator and we know he’s not a defender of free speech. Ask JWR and she’ll confirm that not even members of his party are allowed to speak freely and honestly. Trudeau is a liar.

Shawn Harris

Trudeau with his deceitful defense of free speech, just proves that no matter how hard he tries, he will never be able convince anyone, that you can speak the truth by lying.
The truly sad part of all of Trudeau’s lies dressed up as the truth, is that he is the only one who sees his lies as the truth.


People are mistaken when they say that Comrade justin does not know what free speech is. He is well aware what it is but wants to impose his version of it on his subjects. Finally, the Canadian public is starting to realize that we are on the slippery, slope to ruin. If the women of Canada turn on him he is doomed. Mr. O’Toole is not the usual conservative leader who says one thing and then does another when pressed (or not). He may be a leader like Ronald Reagan who did great things while faced with a hostile press… Read more »

D Jansen

Trudeau is a clown a liar and a laughing stock to the world and an embarrassment to most Canadians he has to go NOW nor two years from now he lies like a rug. Why. Phony Prick