PBO Rips Trudeau Government For Secrecy Surrounding Tens Of Billions In Spending

Information is “lacking” on massive amount of spending says Parliamentary Budget Officer.

While much of the focus is on the US election, we continued to see corrupt government actions here at home in Canada.

According to the Parliamentary Budget Officer, the Trudeau Liberals are shrouding tens of billions in spending in secrecy.

The biggest issue addressed by the PBO is that $79 billion in additional spending – most of which the Liberals say is for China Virus relief programs – is not being tracked, or tracking info is not being provided:

“While the sum of these measures is significant, the amount of information that is publicly available to track this spending is lacking, thus making it more challenging for parliamentarians to perform their critical role in overseeing government spending and holding it to account.”

The PBO also noted that there data had previously been provided, yet the government has now stopped providing it:

“This lack of data is not a result of it not being available. The Department of Finance had been providing biweekly updates to the standing committee on finance, but stopped when Parliament was prorogued in August.”

Also, the government is refusing to say how much new ‘pay equity’ legislation will cost.

Again, considering that we are supposed to be a democracy, that means the government is supposed to be transparent about their spending.

After all, it’s OUR MONEY, not the government’s.

We can also see how shady it is that this info isn’t being provided since Parliament was prorogued by Trudeau, showing exactly why he wanted things shut down.

Clearly, the Liberal strategy to avoid new corruption scandals isn’t to stop being corrupt, it’s to simply hide everything they can from the Canadian People.

Spencer Fernando

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