Emmanuel Macron Thanks Quebec Premier Legault For Defense Of Free Expression

Justin Trudeau failed to defend free speech, only to desperately try and reverse himself after a huge backlash.

With Justin Trudeau having failed to defend free speech, French President Emmanuel Macron has thanked another leader in Canada.

Macron reached out to Francois Legault, who had issued a strong defence of free expression in the wake of Islamist terror attacks.

Here’s what Macron had said on Twitter (translation):

“Thank you for your solidarity. We will not give up on our freedoms. The future of our democracies is at stake.”

“I received a call this morning from the French president,@EmmanuelMacron. He thanked me for the unconditional support I gave to his defense of freedom of expression. Our two nations share this fundamental value.”

Here is Legault’s full statement:

“Got a call this morning from French president Emmanuel Macron. He thanked me for Quebec’s support in defending freedom of expression. Quebec and France share this core value. Good discussions, among others, on the terrorist attacks France has suffered in the last few weeks. The ensuing free speech debate was discussed.

Worth a reminder of the facts. On October 16, a teacher was beheaded on the street by an Islamic terrorist because he used Charlie Hebdo cartoons to discuss freedom of expression with his students. President Macron and elected officials of France then expressed their defence of freedom of expression.

I have reiterated all Quebec’s support for the President of the Republic. We have a duty, as elected officials, to say it loud and clear: freedom of expression is not negotiable.

In a democratic society like ours, we should not bend before the intimidation and violence of those who disagree with freedom of expression. If we start compromising on this, we shake the foundations of our society.

The French nation is our ally and even a little more than that. She can count on us.
Quebec stands by France to defend freedom of expression.”

Legault’s statement was very strong, and was what we should have heard from Justin Trudeau.

Leaders have a duty to set an example, and in a free society that example must be in defence of free speech.

Unfortunately, Trudeau failed to do that, once again raising questions about why he shows such a lack of commitment to Canadian values.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter