Canadian Economic Recovery Weakening Amid Disappointing Jobs Report

With job gains starting to slow, the economy appears to be weakening – still far short of anything close to a full recovery.

The latest jobs report is quite concerning.

In a normal year, the creation of 83,600 jobs in October would be a positive thing.

However, that is an immense decline from the 378,000 jobs created in September.

Additionally, job gains had averaged 395,000 since the nadir of the CCP Virus Crisis.

Now, if this slowing of new jobs happened at a level where we recovered fully from the initial job losses, it wouldn’t be an issue.

But we are still far short.

At this point, 1.1 million Canadians have either lost their jobs, or are working severely reduced hours.

Also, the unemployment rate barely dipped, dropping from 9% to 8.9%.

So far, Canada is about 79% recovered in the job market, but the slowing of new jobs means that last 21% could take a long time.

Further, amid this heavily damaged job market, the Liberal government is pushing for record high immigration levels, something surveys show a large majority of Canadians oppose.

Spencer Fernando

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Chris Cannon

Jobs starting to slow??? When did they even rise exactly?


Perhaps creating more jobs in social work would balance out the unemployment problem. (sarc on)


Of course the economy is weakening – don’t you know that with Dictator Doug’s lockdown rule in Ontario have lead to their new slogan: ONTARIO CLOSED FOR BUSINESS – businesses are closing – not opening – The Pickle Barrel has now closed after 40 year. Dictator Doug and his side-kick John Tory – the John Tory that wants to outdo Governor Newsome in business discouraging regulations – Muzzle up BETWEEN BITES – how sanitary is that? And the Immigration influx of Big Brother Justin – isn’t that plan from the Playbook of the GREAT RESET – or one of those… Read more »


Very few jobs have been CREATED. Most are just positions being filled from laid off staff. Classic Media pandering to the Liberals.

Guy-Paul Roy

And it took how long to recover after our LAST TURD IN THE PUNCH BOWL?? The 80’s and 90’s……..The same might be double with Covid/New Turd in the Punch Bowl.