WATCH: Our Nation Must End The Canada-China FIPA

We cannot allow ourselves to be put under the control or influence of Communist China.

The 2012 Canada-China Foreign Investment Protection Agreement is one of the most dangerous documents ever signed by a Canadian government.

It gives China the ability to sue our government if they oppose policies here in our country, and those disputes would be settled by a foreign tribunal.

It also locked us in for 31 years, and totally advantaged China at our expense.

Now, given how Canada has been treated by China, and given how China is treating other nations, we must withdraw.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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I was under the impression that PM Harper had stopped this, as he had said that Canada could not stand up to China and China was too powerful for for Canada to deal with so not to make a Trade agreement with them? I should have known better with the puppets in control. Now with Harris/Biden China will be in even more control in North America, like in South America, Africa, the EU.and the UN. Globalization is almost won, and not a bullet fired, in fact not a gun will be in the general population soon as in China. Yes… Read more »


With the literal overthrow of the this 2020 election – with Biden claiming he won and with the COMPLETE backing of the MSM, they are now in China’s hands. Canada will be next at this rate.


Just reading the South American news, already Maduros in Venezuela is now inviting China to break the US sanctions now that the USA is weak and come in and takeover their flailing oil and gas, they know that China Joe Biden is not strong. Also China is sending back tons of fish sent to China from Ecuador, saying that the packaging has Covid on it while Ecuador had been trying to stop the huge 64 ships Chinese fishing fleet from fishing in their no fishing zone in the Archipelago off their coast and the USA with Trump used to help… Read more »

Moe S.

Western sovereign countries such as Canada, Australia, Taiwan, have lost the only and last defense against the Communist China regime. The United States. Demented Biden sold his soul to the CCP. The CCP has him by the balls. He will comply to their demands. As for the rest of us, there will be no help from Biden. The embolden CCP will up the threats against those countries who refuse to bend to their will. God help us!

Moe S.

I believe Canada’s only defense against the CCP regime was Pres. Trump. All Western sovereign countries, i.e., Australia, Taiwan, Canada etc. will get no help from demented Biden. The CCP regime has Biden by the balls. He sold his soul to the CCP and he will comply to their demands. Emboldened, China will up the threats against countries who refuse to bend to their will. Changing the FIPA won’t help Canada.

Guy-Paul Roy

The Worst PM EVER will be no help here. O’Toole just might be the Dood to realise China is in no way a part in the future for Canada under current regime.

Shawn Harris

Watch as this revelation of just how compromised Canada’s trade with China spreads, that somehow Trudeau will spin this as being for own good and then secretly try and give China an even greater advantage and control over us.
Withdrawal from this travesty of an agreement is an absolute must and is a good start. Canada and Canadians must completely withdraw all trade with China; it’s for own survival as a nation.


All is not lost. President Trump will prevail.