BREAKING: Legally-Ordered WE Documents Destroyed

Documents legally ordered by the House of Commons Ethics Committee destroyed after those ordered to provide them had requested ‘more time,’ to produce them.

In another disturbing revelation in the Trudeau Government-WE Scandal, it has been revealed that legally-ordered WE Documents have been destroyed.

According to Conservative MP Michael Barrett, documents that the House of Commons Ethics Committee legally-ordered Speakers Spotlight to provide, have instead been destroyed.

Barrett noted that Speakers Spotlight had requested additional time to provide the documents, which the Committee then provide.

As Barrett explains, they have since learned that the documents were destroyed.

The destroyed documents apparently relate to speaking fees paid to Justin Trudeau and his wife, Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau.

This is highly concerning, as it speaks once again to what seems a clear attempt to continue blocking Canada’s duly-elected representatives from getting access to the truth.

You can watch the video below:

“BREAKING at Ethics Committee we learn that legally ordered WE documents have been destroyed.”

It must be said that this is not supposed to happen in a democratic society.

If people can get away with just destroying documents requested by a committee made up of people elected by Canadians – and which has the legal authority to demand those documents – imagine what the government will think they can get away with next…

Spencer Fernando

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