BREAKING: Legally-Ordered WE Documents Destroyed

Documents legally ordered by the House of Commons Ethics Committee destroyed after those ordered to provide them had requested ‘more time,’ to produce them.

In another disturbing revelation in the Trudeau Government-WE Scandal, it has been revealed that legally-ordered WE Documents have been destroyed.

According to Conservative MP Michael Barrett, documents that the House of Commons Ethics Committee legally-ordered Speakers Spotlight to provide, have instead been destroyed.

Barrett noted that Speakers Spotlight had requested additional time to provide the documents, which the Committee then provide.

As Barrett explains, they have since learned that the documents were destroyed.

The destroyed documents apparently relate to speaking fees paid to Justin Trudeau and his wife, Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau.

This is highly concerning, as it speaks once again to what seems a clear attempt to continue blocking Canada’s duly-elected representatives from getting access to the truth.

You can watch the video below:

“BREAKING at Ethics Committee we learn that legally ordered WE documents have been destroyed.”

It must be said that this is not supposed to happen in a democratic society.

If people can get away with just destroying documents requested by a committee made up of people elected by Canadians – and which has the legal authority to demand those documents – imagine what the government will think they can get away with next…

Spencer Fernando

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Major Tom

Will there be indictments? I doubt it!


What will the penalty be? $150 fine paid over 20 years?


A police raid is justified. Seize all computers, electronic devices and arrest everyone in sight.

Irish George

The RCMP work for Trudeau so this will not happen.

Arie Intveld

Of the three countries that comprise North America, it is now evident that Mexico is the least corrupt.

“The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.” – Albert Einstein

Guy-Paul Roy

The Ethics Committee needs to enforce the full force of the LAW and fine the Liberals $200. …. Or change the enforcement to $500….. Either way they must act as soon as possible, within the next few years.


This confirms how immoral trugrope & lieberals are. Worse than a con can figure. @michaelbarrett & @pierrepoilievre thank you for your efforts. @erinotoole find a way to defeat them & fast. Canadians are getting impatient with you.


It is Canada, no reason to be surprised….


Dean Rigler

what are the legal consequences, and who enforces them?

Edward Sweet

Not surprised that True Grope is shafting Parliament. Blame Singh for keeping him in power.

Yvette Loke

Amazing what a minority government can get away with.

very old white guy

The liberal way. weeeeewho.

al kendall

So will we ever find out if our PM’s relationship with WE benefited him ( if and how ) cause his lack of cooperation answering this one question is very troubling IMO


The RCMP wont do squat.
They are in the back pocket of the crooked Lib-t-ards.


These “committees” are useless as is the rest of our current government – all parties! Nothing ever gets done. It’s just endless childish bickering.