Calgary City Council Ignores Opinion Of Citizens, Tries Copying US Politics With Foolish Defund The Police Move

How can we make progress in Canada when our leaders are more interested in copying what happens in US news, rather than acting in the interests of Canada.

A recent Angus Reid survey broke down opinions on the police in Canada’s major cities.

In Calgary, 35% were considered ‘True Blue,’ 22% were considered ‘Silent Supporters,’ 21% were considered ‘ambivalent observers,’ and 22% were considered ‘defunders.’

In fact, Calgary was one of the most pro-police cities in the country.

In all cities – including Toronto – support for defunding the police never reached higher than 39%.

Yet, we have just witnessed the Calgary City Council ignore the clear opinions of Calgarians, and voted to defund the police:

“Our council bowed to extremists.

Illogical and irrational extremists.

Defunding our police makes no senses. Managing budgets always makes sense.

But council’s record there is weak – given tax increases.


In response to this foolish move by the Calgary City Council, Save Calgary has been pushing back:

“City Council voted to defund the police this week – do you know how your Councillor voted? Here’s the breakdown of which politicians are putting our neighbourhoods at risk. But there’s still time to defend the police! Later this month,
1/2 #yyccc #yyc”

City Council will vote on next year’s budget. Let’s tell them that cutting $20 million from the police is WRONG for Calgary!

Sign our Defend the Police petition here:
#yyccc #yyc”

Besides being a foolish and potentially dangerous move, this is also yet another example of our ‘leaders’ copying US politics, rather than focusing on what is actually taking place in Canada.

As you surely remember, nobody in Canada was talking about defunding the police, until those stories started popping up in the US media.

Rather than acknowledge that Canada and the US are different nations, many politicians in Canada just started copying what the US was doing.

With that kind of thinking, we will never be able to accurately focus on what is really happening in Canada, and we won’t be able to solve our unique challenges.

Instead of copying a defund the police message from the US, Canadian leaders should be focused on defending the police and fighting crime to keep our cities and communities safe.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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We need to very seriously look at what politicians agendas really are, but most of them slant the truth now, they should have to make a list and if they fail in their duties we should be able to fire them, as only criminals would want to de fund our police anywhere in Canada unless they are corrupted by these corrupt copycat politicians. All across Canada we need truthful media, politicians and good police to make sure. if we still stand a chance of correcting this mess (but I doubt this) Canadians need to stand up to this corruption, obviously… Read more »

Barry Bateman

Want to copy US policy to benefit Calgary? How about filling all those half empty office towers with energy independence in N.America?

Guy-Paul Roy

9 to 3 was the vote in Edmonton to lower speeds to 40k. A GREAT thing as 30k was the proposition!!.
Seems Forest Gump was right,,,,, Stupid is as Stupid does.
The Majority of people are out of touch with reality is what Pierre Idiot Turdeau said.
Canada needs escalated inflation.

Thomas Tass

These people have become deranged watching American TV


As a 30 year SE Calgary resident I wish to recommend Defunding the mayor and Councillors Shane Keating, Gian-Carlo Carra and Druid Farrell. These liberals are no longer capable of running a city without a thriving oil industry. After all, they’re liberals or socialists who depend on taxing everything and everyone and spending it until there is nothing left.