Trudeau Has Enabled A Culture Of Disrespect For Our Taxpayer Dollars

An organizational culture begins at the top, and the Liberals under Justin Trudeau show a contemptuous attitude towards our hard-earned tax dollars.

The Trudeau Liberals have yet another scandal on their hands.

This time, its a Liberal MP who violated the rules and paid her sister to work for her with public money, while having her sister go under a fake name to try and hide it.

On the same day that was revealed, we learned that legally-ordered documents on speaking fees paid to Trudeau and his wife in the WE Scandal were destroyed.

Both of these scandals have something in common:

Complete contempt for Canadian taxpayers.

We are supposed to be a country where the government serves the people, and every dollar the government spends was first taken away from those who earned it.

An acknowledgment of that reality should lead to a government that respects taxpayers, and respects our hard-earned tax dollars.

But instead, we see the Liberals showing that they feel totally entitled to all of our money, and think they can do whatever they want with it, without any oversight or accountability.

And this attitude comes from the top.

Justin Trudeau has consistently shown that he believes he is above the Canadian People, and that he feels entitled to power and entitled to take our tax dollars and use them for whatever he wants.

Trudeau can blame others all he wants, but the attitude of contempt for taxpayers starts with him.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Ron Shaw

Just another typical liberal , proves the point that we taxpayers are gifting the Trudeau Liberal government way to much tax dollars .

Major Tom

“Absolute power corrupts absolutely!”


Justin Trudeau has consistently shown that he believes he is above the Canadian laws. He thinks it is his money, not ours.

There, clarified it.


Trudeau is a self appointed spoiled brat….what more can we expect from his followers. They play follow the leader very well.

Sharon Warren

Yup, & not a word of it on Global or CBC news this evening. Nice to be at the trough, you don’t even have to think for yourself or report current affairs that just might be of interest to those very taxpayers who pay for this sham of a government. Disgusting Liberals. Disgusting Liberal media.

Doug Robilliard

zero comments because we all know the pm, look up zero in the dictionary and you will find a picture of black face itself!

Shawn Harris

Justin Trudeau is just as contemptuous as his father Pierre Trudeau was, and even more so.
Justin Trudeau also likes to say pretentiously, that he respects the taxpayers money, while he enriches his closet friends, at our expense. Canadians can’t afford anymore of Justin Trudeau’s respect for our tax dollars.


We no longer have courts or laws for the Lieberal criminals who shoot 12 year olds to death on the streets and a couple other people too and this is their third time doing so they keep letting them out. So when they enable criminals and murderers and want to bring in more and make illegal drugs legal, this IS the new post national country, and obviously we accept it, this is what was voted for, globalist tyrants de fund police who are doing their jobs, but take everything they can off of law abiding Canadians, a man was left… Read more »