Yasmin Ratansi Needs To Pay Back All The Money & Resign

At this point, it’s a no-brainer.

If you grab some groceries and forget to get milk, that’s an ‘error.’

If you employ your sister for many years in violation of Parliamentary rules and have her use a fake name to hide the fact that you’re paying her with taxpayer dollars, that’s a ‘plan.’

Yet, former Liberal MP Yasmin Ratansi has tried passing off her decision to pay her sister for years using our taxpayer dollars in violation of the rules as an ‘error,’ which she has corrected.

That’s what she said.

Of course, we know that’s not enough.

It’s not enough that she simply leaves the Liberal Caucus.

While the final decision on whether she is re-elected is up to the voters, we can certainly realize that Ratansi needs to resign.

Using our tax dollars for six years in violation of the rules to pay off a family member cannot just be dismissed.

But, before she resigns, she needs to do something else.

Pay back all the money.

All the tax dollars that went to Ratansi’s sister must be repaid to the Canadian People.

If Ratansi is unable to pay it all, then the Liberal Party should pay it from their own coffers.

After all, Ratansi did this as a Liberal MP, under the Trudeau government.

As I say in the video below, we need real accountability:

“Until our leaders face real accountability, they will continue treating our tax dollars with disdain and contempt. They must have real skin in the game.”


Spencer Fernando

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Good luck if you think the POS Trudeau will pay this back.


Permanently banned from Politics.


Under the Criminal Code of Canada that is a clear case of fraud. She needs to see jail time. Sadly the devil (Trudeau) protects his own.


“Ratansi is an Ismaili Muslim, and was the first Muslim woman elected to Parliament.”

You’d think she’d have made an effort to lead by example given the “first in parliament” banner that was bestowed upon her.

shame. prison is deserved, but repayment + some community service or fines should be levied as a bare minimum for her crimes.

D. Met

Gee…another corrupt Liberal – say it isn’t so. And let’s not forget, this is not an isolated incident. from the top of the Liberal party there have been many more patronage scandals – how many have we not heard about yet? Justin Trudeau and his Liberals are the party of corruption, incompetence, cover-ups and scandal! Ratansi of course should resign and Trudeau should go along with her. It has been reported that there are over 300 million habitable planets in the Milky Way, I suggest they go spend a week on each of them.


There should be new Laws made. Clearly pretaining to Politicians, cheating the public. The one strike rule should be applied if they commit a crime they are out!!!! with a criminal record of Fraud and theft of public funds!!!


Ratsani gets the boot while Trudeau stays.
She hires her sister and gets caught. He lies daily, commits countless ethical violations, and continues to intentionally and malevolently destroy Canada.
And now he expresses disappointment in Ratsani.
Let it sink in.

Moe S.

How does one file their incomes taxes for earnings if she’s been paid under a false name? Where’s the Canada Revenue agency on this? duh.

Thomas Tass

Don’t hold your breath Spencer. She will not pay back will not resign and will continue to laugh at folks like us who think principles and ethics are non negotiable.

james isnor