Our Veterans Deserve The Best

While kind words and Remembrance are important, it is actions that will truly matter when it comes to honouring our Veterans.

Today is a day in which Canadians of all backgrounds honour our Veterans, and Remember the sacrifice they made for our freedom.

And those words of Remembrance are important, as are the traditions we observe on this day.

That said, it is also essential that those words are matched up with actions.

Too many Veterans are still struggling, often having to fight in court against the government – the same government and nation they fought to protect.

We have to better for our Veterans.

They deserve the best.

If there’s anything this year has shown us, it’s that there are resources made available when there is the will to address a problem.

So, even if it costs billions more dollars to give our Veterans the healthcare, mental healthcare, and ongoing support they need, we must spend it, because they deserve nothing less than the very best we can provide for them after all they have done for us.

Spencer Fernando