WATCH: Poilievre Slams Trudeau Government For Canada Having “Worst Economy In The G7”

Canada is combining the largest budget deficits with an unemployment rate higher than comparative countries.

Like nearly all nations, Canada is facing severe struggles amid the ongoing CCP Virus pandemic.

However, we are seeing some very disturbing things happening with our economy in particular.

First, we have the highest unemployment rate in the G7, aside from from Italy – the G7 country hardest hit at the beginning and with the strictest lockdown of any free country.

Second, we have the highest budget deficit as a percentage of GDP in the world.

This combination of high unemployment and immense deficits are very concerning, in large part because long-term economic weakness combined with surging debt levels will have a seriously damaging impact on our future.

In the video below, Conservative Finance Critic Pierre Poilievre slams the Liberal government on these stats, pointing out that we have the “worst economy in the G7.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Moe S.

Nine months ago, Federal, Prov. and Public Health officials put the health system as the No. 1. priority and the economy was left hanging. The hospitals haven’t been swamped with Covid patients as predicted. The economy can NOT be left hanging.
Yet, the virus continues to be the No.1. priority compared to the economy. When the economy collapses, and I fear it will, there’ll be nothing to sustain the economy or the health system.


Same stuff, different day..Great work, as usual Pierre……Canada has been ruined which started in 2015 when the Turd got elected. Canada continues to slide under the Liberals, supported by the NDP cowards, day by day further and further into the abyss. Who do we have to thank for this??? Everyone except Liberal voters knows who (how can Liberal voters be this stupid, we’ll never know I guess) King Turd and his Liberal minions, now supported by Singh, Charlie Angus and fellow NDP cowards that’s who. Jody Wilson Raybould and Dr. Jane Philpott you don’t know how lucky you both are… Read more »


We are in major trouble, another lefty paradise in development. We are set up to fail hard if we can not get rid of these anti Canada globalists, and every day they are our rulers they will drop us further into their crime filled, fixed faux elections, communism. Just like the USA will be doing if Harris and China Joe Biden get in with their fraudulent election, but at least they are fighting. Our Conservatives seem to have not as much backing, like Canadians do not care or are they still believing the bought out media?


Will Pierre Poilievre be our Prime Minister some time in the future, or is he more powerful in his present position? Just curious. I am very impressed with him.