Trudeau Gives Away The Game: Says Pandemic Is Opportunity For “Reset”

We can see the politicians using this crisis as an excuse to centralize power and reshape our lives in their own image.

Justin Trudeau has admitted it.

The pandemic crisis is being exploited by our ‘leaders’ to bring in a ‘reset,’ and reshape societies in a way they could have never gotten away with before.

He said it on video.

Here it is:

“Leader of Canada admitting that COVID is an excuse to institute a new global economic order.

The “reset” and “build back better”.”

This is extremely disturbing.

Trudeau is openly admitting that this deadly pandemic – which has claimed thousands of Canadian lives – is being used an excuse to ‘reset.’

Of course, Canadians – and people around the world – haven’t asked for that.

We want our lives to get back to normal.

We want the vulnerable protected.

We want businesses to flourish and grow.

But none of that is being offered to us by those in charge.

Instead they offer only more fear, more control, more centralization, and a reshaping of our lives and our economy without even asking us.

That isn’t leadership, it’s domination, and it’s the opposite of what we are supposed to expect from those we elect.

Justin Trudeau again shows that he has no interest in serving the Canadian People, but is instead pushing an agenda that our country didn’t ask for and our people don’t want.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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