WATCH: Spencer Fernando On Why We Must Reject The ‘Great Reset’

“Governments are seeking to exploit the pandemic crisis to impose policies they previously could not achieve through democratic means.”

As you likely saw earlier today, Justin Trudeau has given away the game on the “Great Reset.”

“He says “The pandemic has given us an opportunity” to “reset” the economy and accomplish the UN 2030 goals… I’ve seen people called conspiracy theorists for accusing him of planning this but here he is literally saying it out loud.”

In my opinion, we must reject this.

Here’s my response:

“A message to Justin Trudeau:

We reject your Great Reset!”

If you agree with this message and the need to push back against Trudeau, I would greatly appreciate if you contribute to support my ongoing commentary and journalism.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Major Tom

The Marxist mouthpiece isn’t wearing his Red Star! Is it on his socks?

Chris Cannon

Why when I look I see all these Canadians on Twitter are posting this but not one is tagging him or his office or any of the other accounts on Twitter that do EXIST. I find it hypocrtical as when I am saying something to someone on Social media or through it, I tag their account to make sure they notice it as we know in some cases it goes to their page or profile and have NO CHOICE but to take notice. I am sure he will have no choice but notice it but its the point of doing… Read more »


I am sure that the politicians and elite who advocate for The Great Reset never consider that it applies to them as well.