WATCH: Michelle Rempel Garner Says Canadians Must “Fight Back” Against Trudeau’s “So-Called Reset”

The only “reset” Canada needs is a “new Prime Minister” says Rempel Garner.

In the wake of the large-scale backlash against Justin Trudeau’s remarks about exploiting the pandemic to push a “reset” that Canadians never voted for, Conservative Health Critic Michelle Rempel Garner is slamming the idea.

In a video, Rempel Garner says Canadians must “fight back” against Trudeau’s “so-called reset,” and says the only reset Canada needs is a “new Prime Minister.”

“For Natasha – a single mom I met last week – and everyone in my community, Trudeau’s so-called reset of Canada has been devastating and we need to oppose it.”

It remains to be seen whether the Conservatives will make further statements on the “great reset,” and whether they will officially oppose it in policy and ensure the protection of Canada’s Independence.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter