Motion Calling For Decision On Huawei & Plan To Stop Communist China’s Intimidation Of Canadian Citizens PASSES, Despite Liberals Voting Against It

The Liberals had a chance to easily dispel many fears that they are compromised or totally naïve about the threat posed by the Chinese Communist Party. Instead, they once again voted in a way that aligns with China’s interests, not Canada’s.

A Conservative motion calling for the Liberal government to make a decision on Huawei’s participation in our 5G networks, and come up with a plan to stop Communist Chinese agents from intimidating and harrassing Canadian Citizens, has passed.

The motion was supported by the Conservatives, NDP, Bloc, and Greens.

It was opposed by the Liberals.

The final margin was 179 in favour, with 146 against.

Here is the motion:

“Vote result: @CPC_HQ #OppositionMotion (Foreign policy toward China) was adopted. #cdnpoli

Yeas: 179 White heavy check mark
Nays: 146Cross mark”

Motion China

Interestingly, three Liberal MPs – Wayne Easter, John McKay, and Jen O’Connell voted for the motion.

Disturbing questions continue

The decision by the Trudeau Liberals to vote against this motion is highly disturbing, and raises more concerning questions.

Had the Liberals voted for the motion, they could have gone a long way towards dispelling the concerns many have that they are compromised by China’s Communist Party.

Instead, they voted exactly how the Communist Party would have wanted, and those questions will only deepen.

Now, the Opposition, and all Canadians, have to keep the pressure on the Liberals and abide by the motion that passed in the House of Commons.

Spencer Fernando

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