Pierre Poilievre Launches Petition To “STOP THE GREAT RESET”

More and more people are pushing back.

As the backlash against Justin Trudeau’s “Reset” comments grows, the Conservatives are starting to take a stronger stance against it.

Conservative Finance Critic Pierre Poilievre has launched a petition to “Stop the Great Reset,” and it already has over 35,000 signatures.

The text of the petition is below:

Whereas Justin Trudeau told a United Nations conference: “This pandemic has provided an OPPORTUNITY for a RESET. This is our CHANCE to accelerate our pre-pandemic efforts to REIMAGINE economic systems… .”
Whereas global financial elites have called for the same “Great Reset”, which would reengineer economies and societies to empower the elites at the expense of the people;
Whereas Canadians must fight back against global elites preying on the fears and desperation of people to impose their power grab.
We the undersigned call on the government to:
    • End plans to impose the “Great Reset”;

    • Focus instead on protecting the lives and livelihoods of hardworking people;

    • Protect our freedom. 

This is great to see.

We need all Canadians to push back against this effort to control our lives and exploit the crisis to centralize control. We can’t let it happen.

So, I urge you to sign the petition at the link below, and share this article and the petition far and wide to spread the word:


Spencer Fernando

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