Trudeau Tricked By Russians Pretending To Be Greta Thunberg

During call, Trudeau thanks Thunberg for being in Canada during our federal election, and more…

Justin Trudeau was tricked by notorious pranksters pretending to be Greta Thunberg.

Thinking he was speaking to Thunberg, Trudeau thanked her for being in Canada during the election to ‘clarify’ the debate on climate policy – which would be considered ‘election interference’ if it happened on the right side of the political spectrum – and apparently talked about dreaming of a world ‘without soldiers.’

All in all, Trudeau didn’t say anything that would be too controversial, since he simply repeated the same empty slogans and vacuous rhetoric that has characterized his tenure in office.

You can listen to the full video below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Guy-Paul Roy

Thank-You Mr. Spencer but I just CAN’T look or listen to the TURD in the PUNCH BOWL.

Barry Farndon

Two airheads having a deep conversation… Canada’s ‘leader’ talking to the leader of the grade 9 glee club. Trudeau wants to join Greta’s club so he can hang around with all the other actors.


An average Canadian might not even be able to speak to a staffer at the PMO, never mind get a response to a letter, and some of our native people in Canada have no clean source of potable, drinking water, and we can this really happen with Trudeau!?