By Blaming Stephen Harper For The Vaccine Debacle, Justin Trudeau Only Brings Attention To His Own Total Absence Of Leadership Ability

Justin Trudeau has been in power for half a decade. Every time he blames Harper he only makes himself look more and more like someone who simply doesn’t have what it takes.

We are watching the Trudeau government’s incompetence being exposed amid the vaccine debacle.

After claiming Canada was ‘first in line,’ it now turns out we are way at the back, as the Trudeau Liberals failed to sign agreements that would allow Canada to manufacture vaccines here, and have no plan for distributing vaccines.

With many other countries just weeks away from rolling out vaccines, Canada is at best months away, with Trudeau even saying Canadians won’t be fully vaccinated until September of 2021.

This means that many other countries will be effectively through and done with the crisis, while Canada is still going through it.

And of course, Justin Trudeau is compounding his immense failure by showing a complete lack of leadership skills.

Rather than taking any responsibility, Trudeau is blaming Stephen Harper.

In the House of Commons, Trudeau blamed the situation on Canada not having the ability to manufacture vaccines, which he subsequently blamed on pharmaceutical companies leaving under the Harper Conservatives.

Of course, Trudeau was being dishonest, as Canada does have facilities capable of making vaccines.

The reality is that the Liberals failed to use these past months to get facilities ready, and failed to sign deals with companies to make vaccines in Canada.

One Canadian company with a promising potential vaccine has been slowed down, after waiting months to hear from the government without any word, or any support.

Quite frankly, it is absolutely pathetic for Trudeau to be blaming Harper for this.

Trudeau has been in power for half a decade, and if he is still blaming Harper for everything that goes wrong, it shows that Justin Trudeau completely lacks leadership skills, and is unfit to be in charge of a country.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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