Pallister’s Approval Rating Drops To Lowest Among All Premiers

Manitoba Premier down to 32% approval.

Amid increased China Virus cases and extremely strict lockdowns that are being slammed by many Conservatives, Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister is losing support.

Pallister’s approval rating has fallen to 32% in the latest Angus Reid poll, making him the lowest rated premier in the country.

In August, Pallister’s approval ratings were at 44%.

By contrast, Doug Ford is at 55%, though his numbers are dropping as well, while Jason Kenney is at 40% and Scott Moe is at 61%.

Pallister’s fall in approval comes amid criticism across the political spectrum.

On the left, Pallister was criticized for ‘not doing enough,’ to stem the tide of new cases.

Then, he lurched towards extremely strict lockdowns, with authorities going so far as to shut down outdoor church services. Many small businesses are in big trouble, while big box stores remain open.

As a result, many Conservatives – particularly core members of the Conservative base – are increasingly outraged by the massive expansion of government power in Manitoba, and are clearly not happy.

Of course, the federal government also deserves a lot of the criticism for all of this, since it was the Liberals who failed to secure our borders and ports of entry, failed on rapid testing, partnered with China on a vaccine debacle that failed, and then have left Canada behind many other countries in terms of vaccines.

You can read the full Angus Reid poll here.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube