SAY WHAT? NDP Finance Critic Peter Julian Ridiculed After Saying Largest Deficit In History & $100 Billion In New Spending Means “Austerity Is Coming”

If the NDP thinks this is austerity, what would their policies look like?

The media elites like to attack anyone who warns about the rise of socialism and communism.

And yet, we are seeing an unprecedented move towards total government centralized power, and immense increases in spending.

We are clearly on our way towards a more and more socialist government, unless we change course quickly.

Now, to get a sense of how far left things have already gone, just take a look at what the NDP is saying about the fiscal update.

In response to the largest budget deficit in Canadian history ($400 billion), and $100 billion in new spending, NDP Finance Critic Peter Julian said the Liberal fiscal update meant “austerity is coming.”

As you can see in the video below, his remarks were so absurd that everyone in the House of Commons laughed at him (Julian’s remarks start at 55:01):

While it is hilarious, it’s also pretty disturbing.

If the NDP thinks a nearly $400 billion deficit and $100 billion in new spending is “austerity,” then what do they have in mind?

And this is where the issue of socialism comes in.

We are already seeing politicians – including Conservative politicians – imposing restrictions and vastly expanding their power. If the NDP pushes for even more and more spending on top of that, drowning Canada in debt, putting the government in control of every aspect of our lives, then we will not resemble anything close to a free country.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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So we must stop their bought out globalist media, directing all this? Then we must find an honest real Canadian leader against all this lefty nonsense, then somehow convince most of the too many lefties that we want a fair law and order sovereign Canada?


I think it would be easier to teach a chicken to do calculus.


ndp / green / “liberal” – marxists / banana republic / cancer


“Austerity” would be putting it a bit mildly. Collapse is coming, and sooner than anyone in the protected political class might expect.


Peter Julian . . . member from New Westminster BC . . . in a riding that would elect FIDO if he wore an NDP button.

Cdn Voters are responsible for this disaster . . . and Canada is becoming a disaster . . . there is a connection folks.